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Hallo, habe ich das Problem, wenn ich ein Spiel habe? Das

Ich habe alles von Windows zu Grafikkarte gemacht, aber ich habe den Speicherplatz frei gemacht.

Versucht habe ich ebenfalls mein Virenprogramm (Antivir).


Hatte emand das selbe Problem und kann mir vielleicht dabei helfen?

PS. gestern hatte ich das noch nicht.

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Hello I have the problem that when I start a game the game freezes I can still write and in the attitudes and I get around but nothing more is synonymous.

I've updated everything from Windows driver to graphics card, I've freed up memory space but the problem persists.

I have also tried my virus program (Antivir) off but this has brought nothing synonymous.

Did Emand have the same problem and maybe I can help?

PS. I did not have it yesterday.

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