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PVE Soulsplicer Deepcoil Enlightment Batariel

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Posted (edited)

Hallo, ich suche meinen Soulsplicer, Deepcoil Worm, Forest Elder, Aufklärung, Batariel Deck. Folgende Karten im Inneren:

Nox Trooper, Soulsplicer, Deepcoil Worm, Waldältester, Amii-Monument, Aufklärung, Rad der Geschenke, Unglaublicher Mo, Batariel, Infect, Frenetic Attack, Heal. 

Bitte helfen Sie mir. 

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The above is German. But it sounds like generated with a translator. Why then not translated into English?

...besides, I do not understand what the OP wants... :)

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First of all sprechen Englisch
Second: as i have understood, you are requesting cards...

  1. IF you want to buy/trade them ingame (only possible way to do it), then you topic should be moved to another forum section. Also there is a special trade channel in Skylords Reborn discord. There you can request trades just as in the game.
  2. IF you want to actually GET those cards, like "can you, please, give me these cards?", meaning you are requesting them for free... Boy. I have no words. That's just naive. You can get them only through the game and only ingame with legal ingame means, which are Boosters/Auction House(AH)/Trade, to utilise them, you can accumulate ingame currency through quests first, and then trade or AH. Oh, and yes, this also mean your post will be moved to...idk

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