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Cannot spawn units near certain power well on Danduil

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Spirits hunters (green afinity) if the enemy has shield he lose shield first and not life i remember that those archers poison ignore shields.

PVP Danduil map if you capture power wells north and south of the center close to monuments you can't spawn units close to power well area is red.

Regrowth spell sometimes stop work in 2 seconds

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I can at least solve the regrowth mystery: it has a cap, first comes the initial heal and then the heal per second wich is limitited and stops if that limit is reached (can happen fast with high HP XLs)

Spiti hunters always worked as intended for me. I think you confuse the green and purple affinity, please check the descriptions again.

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Ignoring shields has always been a specialty of the purple affinity and still is. Therefor the green affinity deals more damage but desn't go through shields, lifeeaving etc.

Now about Danduil i'm not too sure, i don't play 2vs2 often enough to know about this problem, maybe some 2vs2 regular can help here.

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