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Rpve tactics

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Up until level 9 you can basically anything. For level 10 you have a little bit less freedom because you can have slot problems for very slot intensive decks.
The Batariel strategy is a speedrun strategy for some rPvE maps. You will have no issues beating any map with that if you play it correctly that is.
As you can win rPvE 9 with every orb combination it would be helpful to know what kind of orb combination you want to play. That is so i/we can give you more precise advise instead of just listing cards of possible decks - as there are so many viable ones :)

As you seem to be an beginner/advanced player (correct me if i am wrong here) i would probably reocmmend Fire Nature or Shadow Nature as good options for you. They tend to be decently quick, offer a decent amount of protection (heals) but not overly so like pure nature or Nature Frost.
You can however play anything else you want as mentioned above.

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Im building towards shadow nature for pvp so i have all shadow t 1. In pve as for now im playing t1 nature with windweavers amd surge, skip t 2 only playing oink and ray pf light. Lost horror on t 3 and on t 4 i have overlord, both ships and gril bahir with regrowth. I also have lost warñord and dragon in my collection

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So you are basically playing a rainbow deck with LSS as your prime damage dealing unit and Overlord as ground presence. That is pretty good already tbh. You don't really need to change a lot for that. I would assume that your support for those units is insufficient to make them work really well.
Considering nature t1 and LSS in t4 i would build/recommend the following deck for lvl 9 rPvE
T1: Nature
Dryad (frost affinity)
Surge of Light
Hurricane or Ensnaring Roots
Offering (nature affinity)
T2: Shadow
Furnace of Flesh
Resource Booster (only available at t3)
T3: Shadow
Cultist Master
Deepcoil Worm or Ashbone Pyro
Frenetic Assault (nature affinity)
Soulshatter or Equilibrium (nature affinity)
T4: Frost
Lost Spirit Ship (fire affinity)
Rifle Cultists
Unholy Hero

Ray of Light is at best okayish and generally Surge of Light will do the job anyways. Ray of Light only really becomes a boon when you combine it with Healing Gardens which are not necassary for Lost Spirit Ship t4. I only use 1 affinity of Lost Spirit Ship because Rifle Cultists and Offering can give you back charges and can become invaluable for some maps to get back charges for regrowth - especially if you do not run Equilibrium or have a low amount of charges anyways.
The main combo for this deck is to keep 3 Cultist Master close to your Furnace of Flesh and use the Cultist Master ability basically on cooldown. The Cultist Master spawns Nightcrawlers which do not cost you any power. The Furnace of Flesh gives you back power from your void pool depending on how high the maximal HP of units dying around it are. This allows you get back power from your void pool really quickly and therefor spam more units and especially spells. I hope you are generally familiar with the concept of the void power pool. Otherwise if you don't understand from this explanation, just ask away.
I tend to have at least 1 unit in each tier as a fail-safe plan. In higher levels you sometimes have close bases that can not or only with severe difficulties conquered  with lower tier units.
I think the general playstyle of this deck pretty straightforward. if you have any specific questions - again - ask away :)


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