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Useless VS Poll : Wrathgazer vs Lost Horror

Useless Poll  

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  1. 1. Which one do you prefer

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Today, another useless poll. Two cards from the Skylords card pool where picked RANDOMLY.
Through sheer HASARD the two selected cards are Wrathgazer and Lost Horror.
Tell me what card you prefer and don't forget to vote in the pool

May the best Crab win

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Neither of them is crap or useless.

Lost Horror can be a good t3 option in PvE. 
Wrathgazer in combination with Nihil Altar can be a very strong PvP combo but requires a lot of micro management and has a hard time against timeless one (because he crashes the evacators woe - no cc zone). There are quite a few old replays of ulv with wrathgazer and I believe a new one from Radicalx in 2on2.

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