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Scycatcher's Siege

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Actually it is a bug is from original game. Nowhere mentioned, that Scycatcher has siege, but when you looking on its damage, you see that its clearly has siege . I guess some good players already know this feature, but new players won't get it that easy.

And yeah I can't understand, why some units has siege ability(Harvester, Sunderer, Tremor etc) on the card text and some not (Corsair, Scycatcher). I guess it won't be hard for you to add this text to the card? At least it will create some value for a new players. Like when I saw that Skycatcher has siege I started playing it in PvP 2vs2 and it was very fun.

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I added the ability to the description. The change will be rolled out on the test server soon. Also, Corsair does not have Siege from what I can see in the database.

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