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Dwarven riddle replay

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On 10/20/2018 at 5:21 PM, AnythingAtAll said:

How I do the dwarven riddle expert - worth about 13k xp a run.

For those asking what i do to grind out rank xp

Thanks so much for strategy and tricks.
With your strategy (but with some another cards - I have no Enlightment and some other important cards of your deck) my last result is 2minute 40sec worse than yours. Mb because of my bad micro or some mistakes with buildings - tried to build 2 SoMs while demons destroyed my wall.
However it seems I found some improvements for the very start (run to the fortress)
I had no Shaman, so had  to find another way and choosed for my t1 Werebeasts and Dryad(blue) instead of Swiftclaw and Shaman.  With Werebeasts and another path between enemies it's possible to use Root  2 times and Surge of Light only 1 time before reaching north cavern. So you have an opportunity  to spawn Dryad and 3 Windweavers in next seconds.  Werebeasts is better  tank than Swiftclaw against 2 towers - no need to heal them under Dryada's aura.
And idea for the end: it seems Skycatcher is better choice than any other dragon because he has "secret" siege ability. It doesnt mentioned in card description but it works and everyone can check this in the Forge. If I have another affix of Skycatcher I better add him too instead of Wyrm.
Canons - you can rotate them before start to build with ctrl+mouse wheel. So they will attack enemies faster.
I add my last replay in description so I hope we can discuss differences between our first 5 minutes.


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