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Someone is changeing the old cards!?!

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Hello skylords/ladies.

first of all, amazing job on the game, you are really doing a grate job!

Secound. I'm getteing more and more frustrated over some changes over the last couple of days. 

Who the hell have added a 200 power restriction to the Twilight curse card?
it's practically useless now in PVE. 

As shown in the links below, there where no such things, in the old days, nor in the game, as for what I have tested it. where did it come from?!

Best regards, Nanks.



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I highly doubt that Wiki pages represent the actual and correct values. It might have been a simple mistake. We haven't touched a single card yet as far as I know, so if any changes were done it must have been from EA prior to the close of the game and you must have forgot it.

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