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I want to build a shadow/frost deck help?


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there, closer to the bottom, is SHADOW FROST deck, but as you can see there is just ONE lost soul card in it. The Lost Grigori. Why? Well, basically because they are not as good as the presented ones.

Further is My humble opinion:



Lost Reaver? Way too expensive for its effectivity in PvP. He has an S - counter attack type, but usually you will encounter M-sized units, let along he's a Melee unit - which means he can be 'kited'. His active ability requires dead bodies, therefore to use this ability you either spawn him after someones death as a protective mean in defence (do not forget that those lost crawlers are S S), either in the push, because he - a) basically cannot be knocked (Besides FireSworn and Aggressor), b) probably will drag enemy's attention, so he might be controlled with any crowd-control or targeted spell (Frost Bite for example), or even just kited if you are fighting in the middle of nowhere and not close to Wells/Monuments.

Lost Priest? Costs 60, but he's a support unit, his dmg at t2 is abysmal, like the Frost Sorceress' at t1. Besides his dmg, his ability costs 50 energy, which is 80%+ of his own price, summary you spend 110 to make a use of him. Let's see what do we get from this ability (Considering 3lvl Upgraded): 5 targets either deal 30% less dmg, or the tke 35% more dmg; lasts 20 seconds, and you can keep enemy in perma-debuff emeny, but it's nuts in terms of power. 5 targets at most, you might encounter 3-4 at max at a time on t2, unless your enemy pushes you with some spam. If you allowed your enemy to spam attack you, then you have to deal with this crowd in short terms so basically you need some crowd dmg... possibilities? Nasty and +35% dmg => summary 60+50+50=160, if your Priest is still not dead, otherwise - it costs even more ~210+. Yet Aura of Corruption+Unit+Nasty is more effective.

Lost Dancer? Bearer of the Corpse exlposion spell that costs 25 only, but hey... it's not as instant as Nasty surprise. Moreover it also requires corpses that have been laying around. Taking Lost Reaver into account we won't really have corpses to start with...Also we must not forget that she's not a melee unit, but ranged, which means if she's inside of enemy lines, this is not "ok" to use ranged unit like that or make it end up like that, if she's behind and shooting, then why would you ever use this ability..? In short, there are no proper conditions to use it well... Let's get to the stats: S M unit, one with Siege +50% dmg, and another with +100% dmg to humans. There are two ways: basically two siege ones can outperform Mountaineer on paper, but he is way more tanky, while those are not. Second - dealt damage to small human units is enormous. Even to M-sized will still be impressive, but there are not so many M sized "Humans": Firedancer, Firesworn, Gladiatrix, Nomad(noone uses it, but still) for Fire, most of Frost units, Amazon for Nature, Nightguard, Nox Trooper, Knight of Chaos for Shadow (main army in deck). Not so many, tbh, but still most of them you can encounter on practice, so it's not as useless as it can be.

Lost Wanderer? Tbh, i think this card deserves a slot in the deck, because a) giving shields to everyone is OP and shields last for 20 seconds, the only thing is that he needs a lot of control, not just Q+LMB on ground or leaving him without supervision after sending to fight someone, b) M M melee and walks normal speed, but dmg stats are still not so bright for a t2, yet bigger than t1's

Lost Shade? Just no, because his passive requires 2 more Lost Shades, and it equals 90x3=270 energy, let along their heals is spreaded between them, which means if one dies, then everyone will, but it also equals 950x3=2850 Hp for enemy to fuck with (afair, i'm not really sure that it works just like that). Also to know, his dmg is splash which means it doesn't spread and deals equal to everyone in the area. So you either go YOLO spend 270 energy and hope that this will work out, or you are basically RIP, because enemy just uses crowd-controll and L-counter units + spells which may equal your 270 investment.

Thaaat's it. Note that you also need to know what to replace them with in your deck.




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Lost Reaver's not bad, tbh. Mountaineer is better, but the reaver is a decent budget option.

If you want some cheese, you can try assaulting someone's base with ice barrier+ Aura of corruption+ Lost launcher.

It's not very good, but it's funny to try :)

And you can use 2 grigoris if you really want to (that's more 2v2 though).

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