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Quest rewards broken?

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It came to my attention that not all rewards from quests are granted after completing its requirements. I am playing for 2 days now, but already this is bugging me. Since I couldn't find a topic stating the problem, I will try my best to describe it.


Every 24 hours new quests will be released to fulfill to get players free rewards containing a pack and/or Bfp. After completing its requirements, you will be granted its rewards. However, for me this is not always the case. For example: today I tried completing quest 'Skylords Unite' and 'I'm a Skylord and I'm Okay'. I already soloed a RPvE to get one game in on 'I'm a Skylord and I'm Okay. Then I played and was victorious in the map Crusade. A multiplayer map, which I played with another player. After completing the map, I was rewarded my share of the map rewards including card upgrades. However, the quests didn't grand the reward supposed to be rewarded after the requirements of the quests. And I missed out on them, sadly.


Before everyone starts yelling at me pressuring me with the fact this is only a test version of the game and bugs are part of the game for this moment in time. I know, but I would also like to report them (:


I hope the Devs will look into this particular problem at one time (though the losing connection to the server problem is bugging me and probably others more (it took me 3 hours to finish this game)). Anyways, Devs, you are doing a wonderful job bringing this youth sentiment back to life. Cheers!




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