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SecureStreamSocket - error 10054

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I have a problem that after logging in (fortunately :D ) when the game finishes loading the game crashes. I found the followinf info in the log:


[16:06:19] SecureStreamSocket::ReceiveBytes(): [E] Error code: 10054
[16:06:19] SecureStreamSocket::SendBytes(): [E] Error code: 10054
[16:06:19] Game: [E] Worker.Run() SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL: Some non-recoverable I/O error occurred. Check lines above that
[16:06:19] Game: Disconnected
[16:06:19] SecureStreamSocket::CheckSSL(): [E] error:1409F07F:SSL routines:ssl3_write_pending:bad write retry
[16:06:19] Chat: [E] Worker.Run() SSL_ERROR_SSL SSL internal error.
[16:06:19] Chat: Disconnected


What is that Error 10054? Is it client-caused error or server error?

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