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3 - Audio ducking on the login screen

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  • NAME: Audio ducking
  • LOCATION: Login screen
  • DESCRIPTION: Depending on which step you are for logging in to the game, the music volume either rapidly ducks to almost 0 or rapidly increases in volume to the point of earrape. Additionally, sometimes when you alt+tab and it plays no music or it plays really softly, or it can also be extremely loud.

Edit: Couldn't reply to this topic, so just editing the OP instead. I don't know what was changed, but the way it is now is not the way it was vanilla. I certainly do not remember the volume increasing to MAX VOLUME out of itself, definitely not *while the game is alt+tabbed* sometimes as well. The fade out is weird also and I have not seen it like this in any other game including Battleforge. But I might remember wrong. The earrape is still a bug though. The audio should at least stay constant volume when left alone :p 

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