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Hello skylords. What do you think, is it possible to find people who will translate into other languages? Remember that the game will include all previously existing languages, but I'm more about the patch notes, obamania developers and so on. I know myself how difficult it is sometimes to understand written (:

I apologize if the question is no longer relevant, some time was not, but searching the forum found nothing about it 

Thanks in advance (:

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I am not yet sure how patch notes will go, atm there is a place to report bugs for Beta Testers on this Forum, which is exclusively in English, which I think will stay that way since everyone or at least a vast majority should understand what the issue is and whether it was fixed. Translating these things would either make things messy on the same forum or split the forum into languages which is unwanted with the current size of the community. All updates from the DevPlatform are in English and I think noone has had a huge problem since if they really can't understand they can ask Google to translate and get a rough idea of what's going on or ask a good soul from their country in PMs for a private translation.

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I think, the patchnotes will be published in English. The client itself will be coming out with English, French and German if I recall correctly.

Maybe we can get some Mods to translate the patchnotes in French and German when they really need it. But I think, most people at the age of 13 are already studying English.

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