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Unison League

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Hey guys !

The Japanese version of Unison League has had a Vocaloid collaboration event going on for a while now and it's about to come out in 1 day on the regular English server.

If you were ever hesitant in starting to play Unison League and you also like Vocaloid, this is probably the best time to start playing it so that you get to experience this event~!


"But Dyo, you majestic beast, what is Unison League?~" is something that you may be asking.

Unison League is a real time PHONE game which CAN be played with a pc emulator(if you want to), it's an MMORPG in which you completely control a single character. This character can be one of the 5 classes which are interchangeable at any time, there's tons of customization, quests, events, guild battles, colloseum pvp etc.

The game allows you to use 4 skills of your choosing at any time + the autoattack which you can't change without proper gear (I'm a healer and I have a weak heal that gives a tiny buff instead of a basic attack because I got an event weapon)

You can use any skill regardless of your class but there's no reason to usually because your class has perks that buff certain skills, which are only active when you are using said class.

The way you get stronger is by equipping items, each item has certain cost and you get more cost from sidequests and leveling up which lets you equip more items of that type.

There's 4 types of "items" : 

Weapons (Swords, Axes, Lances, Scythes, Staves, Relics, Books,Bows,Guns)

Chest pieces (armor, clothing)

Head pieces (Helmets and hats)


And Monsters (Water,Wind,Fire,Dark,Light,Neutral)


All the items give certain stats like Attack/MagicAtk Defense/MagicDef (weapons always give atk and matk, chest and head pieces always give def and mdef // Monsters give a combination of those 4, such as atk/def atk/mdef atk/matk def/mdef...)

In this game you can use your monster in battle everytime your Unison Gauge reaches 100%, it fills up by taking damage and using abilities, the gain may also be increased with certain abilities and monster abilities.

If more than 2 monsters of the same type are used during the same unison, a special unison strike is *triggered*


whose strength and type depends on the monsters used : the base unisons go up to MAX LEVEL when 5 of the same type are used, starting at lv 1 when 2 are used

If 3 of one type and 2 of another type are used the unison is a lv 2 one with the support of the 2nd type(usually similar but weaker effect than a lv 1 unison)

If 2 of one type and 2 of the other are used then there's this thing called canc... lv 1 Genesis which negates all the bonus effects of both regular unisons and only deals damage (which sucks)

As of the last COLLAB which was Neon Genesis Evangelion there's been a new unison added, which is triggered 


when 4 or 5 Evangelion monsters(characters to be specific) are used which creates a super awesome unison which buffs everything by 30% deals damage, increases cost(mana) regeneration speed by a lot and deals damage and also speeds up the game (because you know, it's a racing mecha anime)

{I was trying to find the gif of the unison on google but I couldn't fi... WAIT WTF THERE'S AN ATTACK ON TITAN COLLAB ON THE JP SERVER hqdefault.jpg so cuute}




Anyways.. so yeah if you have time you should get into it 

I would post a referal link but there's no point I already invited my cap of people so there's no point

So it's not like I'm recommending it to you guys just so I can get referral bonuses

(btw if you do start playing one of you should make an account first and then give the referal link to the others so that you all gain some free gems.. I'll leave that to your own devices)




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