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Fall of the Twilight Cult: Expansion Idea 1


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Been a fan of Battleforge through most of its life back when it came out. Dumped almost $500 back then on packs, and always adored playing it. One thing that always excited me was the story, and what could happen in it... imagine my sadness when the game closed its doors. However, now that it's got new life, and the story has progressed, I have had a lot of fun, but would love to see more campaign maps, and a couple new factions, since there are some nice ones that could be added! So, I'm going to have three Expansion Ideas, each with a new faction. Each will have their owon forum post so it won't get too cluttered with ideas.

Even if they aren't used, maybe some of my ideas for worldbuilding or cards could be helpful for the devs. Who knows!

Now without further ado...

Fall of the Twilight Cult
With the Twilight Plague having been destroyed and the Lost Souls put to rest, dangers are still abound from the remains of the Twilight Cult. Scattered and without a way to transmit the plague, the Cult seeks another method to infect and spread the plague: the remainder of the missing Gods, who have been missing since Brannoc's betrayal. However, deep within the ranks of the Twilight Cult, something evil stirs, far beyond what the mortals of Lyr or even the Skylords can dream of...

T2 LEGENDARY: The Great Archive - [Retexture + Scaled Up: Power Well] Essentially is a mix of the Juice Tank and the Resource Booster. Gives 25% faster power and raises the cap by 30% for all power wells around it. The balancing factor is that you can have only one on the map, like The Incredible Mo.
T4 LEGENDARY: Erla - [Retexture: Evil Eye] A slightly stronger Twilight Evil Eye. Gains an active ability: "Bountiful Harvest" that heals all allies within 100m around half the strength of a Rebirth spell.
T4 LEGENDARY: Oxar - [Retexture: Ironclad] A stronger version of the Ironclad that has a book motif, if possible, as well as Twilight coloring. Does not root like the Ironclad, instead does an AOE attack that is around as powerful as the Treefiend Twilight unit all around him.

T3: Twilight Cultist (R) - [Retexture: Cultist Master] Similar to the card it's modelled after, the Twilight Cultist has the Active Ability [Twilight Call] which summons 2 Twilight Brutes. R Infusion: All surrounding Twilight units deal 20% more damage.
T3: Twilight Cultist (G) - [Retexture: Cultist Master] G Infusion: The Twilight Cultist heals for 5% of its max Hp per second when near a Twilight Brute.

Campaign: Fall of the Twilight Cult
The campaign would be based around the return of the Twilight Cult's attacks, as happened in the early years of the Twilight. Unknowning where this new wave of Twilight is coming from, the Skylords have to spread out to discover the source, and end the Twilight Curse once and for all.

All of the following maps are Advanced difficulty or higher only

Chapter 1: Old Enemies (1 Player)


The people of Lyr had thought the Twilight defeated, and the threat removed, without the Harbinger's deadly effects on the world. None of them ever considered the depravity of some of the Twilight Cult, nor the desperation to keep their newfound power. With a new purpose and newfound strength, the Twilight Cult might be on the brink of return...

This single player map begins with a group of Lyrish soldiers patrolling near the edge of an old forest. When they get closer, they are ambushed by Twilight Slayers, and they flee back to the Power Wells, where the Skylords appear. The mission then has the player hunting down three Twilight camps, with the soldiers commenting how they thought the Twilight Plague was over, and how they built up so much. After the third camp is defeated, the focus goes to a larger Twilight Camp, and a large building that has to be gotten close to.

Once the player attacks the large camp and gets close, a Twilight Cultist appears and transforms himself into a stronger than normal Skycatcher (Higher difficulties adds more cultists). When the player wins, it's revealed that there's a strange liquid inside the building, that reeks of foul magic. The soldiers find a book on the old pantheon, and wonder if one of the old gods are behind this. The soldiers state that they have to hurry and inform the others in Lyre about the return of the Twilight.


The soldiers rushed their way forward, into the city of Lyre. The ancient fortifications standing and holding true, as they always had. The mortals, still split and fractured from the loss of their kings and heroes, brought word to their councils. The word they brought was not good tidings.

The Twilight Cult was back.

Immediately, the mortals prepared for war. Men who had fought side by side in so many battles. So many wars. Who had seen their leaders die in a climactic fight against the Assembler, knew once more they had to take up the blade.

But they knew that they were not alone, as the chime of the Skylords could be heard overhead.

The Skylords, and the mortals, both knew what was certain here; the Twilight had returned, and they had to find out how.

Chapter 2: Knowledge Hunt (1 Player)


The mortals were quick to act, building defenses and calling on the Skylords for aid, their heroes lost against the Assembler. Moving to protect his new kingdom, and the people within it.

But even as the mortals once more prepared for war, the Skylords, united under Moon, found themselves faced with questions. How could the Twilight reproduce? They did not have the virus to spread anymore, only the abilities in their own blood. What could allow them to create more of their infected kind?

As the guns of the Lyrish mortals echoed out, and the first defense began, Moon realized that there was more to this than what the eye could see. She would have to search in the records of the Ancient Library, a place of knowledge that her lover, Brannoc had used long ago for his own ends. But, the Library she needed was on the very front line that the Lyrish mortals were trying to hold.

She knew what she had to do. Push forward and hold the Ancient Library, and survive long enough to find the knowledge she needed. Only then could she find why the Twilight were returning. Only then could she find why something deep within her dreaded what she would find...

This mission revolves around two phases. Cutting through the large waves of enemies long enough to set up in the central area, and holding the central area and the Great Archive. The western part of the map is well-defended and allows the player to recuperate between each attack, while the middle area is right in the way of the massive horde as it comes each wave. There are 5 waves, (7 in Expert) each larger than the last, with the 5th (and 6th and 7th) being incredibly dangerous. The difficulty increases in Expert difficulty, but not too much, as the difficulty comes from Wave 6 and 7.

Around the map there are several different twilight camps that assist with the caves. Destroying them reduces the amount of enemies in each wave, 4 camps in total. By destroying all 4 camps, the waves are reduced to half strength.

After the 5th (Or 7th) wave has been defeated, the player wins.


Moon had found it. The secret was in the library, as she had foreseen. And the dread that she had been feeling had finally been given a form.

The Gods.

Or more importantly, their blood. Their blood was the secret, holding great power and once given to their subjects to assist with healing and medicine, or for war and combat. With the pantheon scattered and transformed, the virus would have infected their divine ichor, created by the Skyforge itself, and now infected by the same power.

The other Gods had to be found. And with the Skyforge, Moon would harness the energies within to try to end the Twilight curse once and for all, and to aid the beings she once thought of as her friends.

Meanwhile, the mortals had seen the battle, and though the losses were great, they had dealt a blow to the Twilight forces. As they licked their wounds, the Skylords prepared to act on what they had learned.

Chapter 3: Infected Blood (1 Player)


With the aid of the mortal men, Moon and the Skylords were heading to the east, to find the source of the Cult's blood rituals and rescue a god. The travel was fraught with dangers and twilight enemies, but as they crossed into the long-forgotten lands of the God of Harvest, Erla they noticed a change around them.

The Twilight here seemed more in control, less hostile than the ones before. An odd sight, as they discovered the twilight sinking into the forest.

However, the truth soon came in the ancient temple that worshiped the God of Harvest, they found a sight that they never would have expected...

This mission begins with the SKylords appearing in the Temple of Harvest. Built of Nature and Twilight towers and creatures both, it is lightly defended, but the main feature is the Evil Eye boss in the center, "Erla". Erla explains that when the Harbinger was banished, he slowly regained more and more of his senses, and was able to be calmed and led back to his sanity by his loyal priests. Once he did, he took the Twilight he controlled, and came to his temple to recover from the curse that had befallen him.

He would ask about Brannoc, and be glad that he is dead, but would be sad about Viridya, who he thought of as "His Little Flower" (Bonus points if you can get him to say some special lines if Viridya is summoned like what happens with Ravenheart in a Mo mission). However, he explains the other Twilight are still mad, and once they discovered his Temple, started attacking it. One of his former priests, by the name of Carnog, is leading the assault, and he begs the help of the Skylords to protect his temple and his followers.

This begins a large defense mission, where the player must defend 3 routes (5 in expert) into the temple. The temple is very defensive, but the waves are strong, and require a heavy defense. Carnog has a lieutenant at the end of each of the defense points, allowing the player to attack them to remove the threat of being attacked from each direction. Each one has 3 main camps, leading to a total of 9 (or 15) camps to destroy to end the siege.

Once the siege is over, Carnog taunts the players and comes out, turning into a powerful Nightshade plant and telling how much better it is to simply succumb to the Curse. He challenges the skylords to defeat him, if they can, leading to a large boss fight where he spawns enemies from caverns nearby every so often. In his last breath, he mentions that everything is futile, because they have limitless numbers, and taunt the Skylords to go south, if they want to save their precious gods.

Erla thanks the Skylords, and comments how he knew they could do it, and chose them well as guardians.


With Erla saved, it felt odd for the Skylords, especially Moon, to once more be able to talk to the Gods who had originally elevated them to their positions. Even if it was the power of the Skyforge which truly did it, it felt strange to once more be able to converse with one of the gods.

However, there would be time for that later,

They had been taunted by the Cultist, and now, they had a choice, to fall into the trap, or ignore it. But could Moon allow the Gods to be used as they were? No... she couldn't. The path was clear, and she knew what she had to do.

But something, deep within her, was pressing her. What was she missing...?

Chapter 4: God Hunt (1 Player)


The travel to the place mentioned by Carnog took no time at all for a Skylord, and Moon could see the Twilight had dug themselves in. What was once the God of Stone's temple was now infested by the Twilight Cult, and deep within, Moon could feel the presence of a God... and then a second, and a third.

However, she could feel the presences fading, as their blood was drawn by the Cultists and they were tortured to once more give in to the curse. Moon didn't have much time. Whether they had regained their sanity or not, they had to be freed... and put down, if needs be, to end this plague once and for all.

This mission is based around getting to three gods in time. Two of the gods use the same model as Mora, and are Vor, God of Stone, Jrat, God of Ice, Oxar, God of Knowledge is the final one, using a model for a Legendary card, mentioned above. Each one is defended by a large Twilight camp, which is set up in a multi-ringed city similar to Minas Tirith. The player has to get through and save the gods before they succumb to insanity from the torture, If the God reaches 10% HP, they will go insane, and become a dangerous boss that must be killed to progress. Each time a God is freed before their HP is reduced, they join the player to assist their army in getting through the next challenges. In Expert mode, all 3 gods must be rescued, in Advanced, only Oxar is needed.

After Oxar, God of Knowledge is freed, he explains that he was the first to be infected by Brannoc, but also the first to regain his sanity from the plague when the Harbinger was defeated. He explained that he had refused to go to the Sunbridge because of it. He explained the fear the other gods had, (With some extra dialogue if the other two gods are alive) and they realized their true nature as the Plague afflicted them, as children of the Skyforge. However, he warns Moon that there is someone pulling the strings, even beyond the Harbinger. He tells of the Trade that he had heard mentioned before the Plague was placed, and he thinks that he was infected first, a stipulation told to Brannoc by the Harbinger.


The God of Knowledge was surprisingly misinformed, Moon discovered, about modern events. She explained about the Assemblers, and the ones who originally made the trade. And there the most chilling part of Oxar's story came.

He simply couldn't remember.

The God of Knowledge... had forgotten some of his knowledge. Was it the Twilight Curse? Or something more sinister? Who could have the power to modify the memory of a god? Who would have the power to do such a thing?

Moon didn't know, and such knowledge troubled her. Conspiracies within conspiracies... what was pulling the strings of the newly reformed Twilight Cult? Was there another Assembler? Or was it something else?

Moon hated not knowing, and she had a feeling Oxar did as well.

Chapter 5: Blood Rituals (2 Players)


Moon waited patiently with Oxar, once more discussing with the old God on everything he did know. He was a wealth of knowledge as he had before; it was his worshipers who had carefully catalogued the history of the world.

It was around a month, on Lyr, before they discovered their next target.

An ancient Amii fortress, near the coast, had been discovered to have recently been claimed by the Twilight Cult. With their supplies of godly ichor dwindling, they had to defend what little they had left, and the Gods that remained. With the Sunbridge Shrine, the source of the Plague, sealed once more, their only hope was to try to find a way to spread the blood and plague.

And so they took the Amii fortress of Jaryr, said to be one of the most secure of the Amii fortresses, and home to an ancient ritual stone that could let them cast a spell to bring the Plague back.

With Oxar by her side, Moon knew they had limited time before the Cultists succeeded in their ritual, and brought forth the plague once more...

This mission is once more a mission based on attacking, but this time the players must work together to push into the Amii fortress together. One player defends, and then the other player attacks in between waves of enemies to try to deal enough damage to the camps to push deeper within. In each camp is a barrier controller that must be used to allow their partner to continue (disabled when only one player is playing).

After the last of the camps fall, the four Cultist Mages in the center of the fortress must be cut down, but they are protected by a large army. Once these four Cultists are dead, then a scene plays showing that the Cultists had information on a hidden Amii ruin not far from the fortress.


The information recovered from the four Cultists was troubling. An Amii ruin, with a powerful tool inside that was on par with the Skyforge. How could the Amii create something so powerful? Or perhaps it was a ruse?

Regardless, Moon knew that even if it was a slight chance that it was real, just like the fragment of the Skyforge, it had to be destroyed or the entire world was in danger. And the Twilight would try their hardest, as they had with the Skyforge fragment, to claim it for themselves.

It seemed that their next goal was clear...

Chapter 6: Buried Answers (2 Players)


The Amii ruins were just that; ruins. No signs of life could be seen in the overgrown cavern that housed this ancient relic. However, the ruins themselves were humming with power. Protecting something? Or someone.

Moon nor Oxar knew what was within, the ancient ruin long been sealed and hidden by the Amii who made it. Luckily, it seems like they had beaten the Twilight Cult to the ruin, and they could defend it, while hunting the secrets within...

This is... quite a difficult map to create. It's a trap-fest with heavy lore drops, The player controls Moon and Oxar to go inside via a teleporter, as well as some soldiers, with the rest remaining to defend the fortress outside. There will be several traps, such as Simon Says (From Oracle) but also things like elemental traps from the map "Nightmare Shard" that must be carefully timed and run through or it will damage Moon and Oxar. After eight minutes (five on expert), Twilight begin to attack the entrance, and the player must protect it while diving deeper into the Amii ruin. If the entrance is destroyed, then Moon and Oxar are lost within, and game over.

The deeper they go, the more they find ancient statues coming to life (Amii Phantoms and Paladins) and attacking them. Oxar and Moon would need some support as well to survive the larger waves. Once they get deep enough, they find a device and activate it, finding out that it's an archive machine. Through it, they find the Amii were the ones who traded for the Skyforge; only the General of the Amii Legions did not accept the bargain made. With this newfound power, the Amii created a great empire, and flourished in floating cities.

Continuing through the fortress, Moon and Oxar cut their way through a giant, who had been created in the Skyforge by the Amii to defend their fortress. (It's a Jorne model named "Forged Giant"). Once they defeat him, they find another Archive device.

In this one, they learn that the General of the Legion voiced his discontent, and a civil war broke out, those who believed the Skyforge was not a worthwhile trade for their afterlife, and those who believed it was a fair trade. Suddenly, the Amii civilization began to crumble as Amii blood fell from the sky.

Moon and Oxar must continue through the final section of the fortress now, and fight a pair of Juggernauts named Alpha and Beta. These Juggernauts are very strong, and take quite a bit to get down. After they take them down, they find the final archive device.

In a final act of desperation, the Amii Emperor used the Skyforge to create beings of incredible power, that they would then use to defeat the rebels once and for all. Unknowingly, theb y would create the first of the gods. The Gods, however, were fledgelings, not knowing of the world around them or their powers, and the immense power of creating such beings drained the power of the Skyforge, and the Emperor tried to take a shard of the Forge to the fortress to power it, in an effort to keep it flying, to no avail. The fortress fell, signifying the end of the Amii.

Moon and Oxar both comment about the fall of the Amii, and move to the final room to get the shard of the Forge, only to find the room empty, much to their terror.


The Fortress was empty. Running off residual power of something that had been removed only days prior, Moon and Oxar had been beaten to the punch, and now the world was in danger.

Who could know that the Shard destroyed long ago was not the first shard removed from the Skyforge? And who could know the shard was hidden here? Still, how did the Twilight find out about this shard? With its power, they could bring back the Twilight Curse... and infect the world.

There was no way around it now. Only one thing could be done, one thing to stop the Twilight Cult before they used the shard to bring an end to the world as Moon knew it.

They had to destroy the source of the Cult once and for all.

Chapter 7: Twilight Siege (4 Players)


Moon had sent a message to her allies, knowing failure here would mean another Twilight. The mortals, and Erla. It would take time for them to arrive with their forces, but until then, the Skylords must lead the siege on their own. Would they be able to destroy the Cult, and reclaim the Shard of the Skyforge? Moon didn't know.

Looking over the fortress the Cult had entrenched themselves in, Moon knew this would not be easy. But at the same time, something pressed at the back of her mind, warning her. What was she missing?

As she prepared her forces for the siege, she knew she had to finish off the Twilight Cult once and for all.

This mission is based around an enormous four-way siege that the players must begin. Every so often, waves of Twilight forces will attack from the center of the map supported by spells being cast on one of the four players from the Shard in the middle of the fortress (The Twilight Leader taunts the players about his limitless power during the castings). The players must destroy four Amii Shrines that are empowering the Shard of the Skyforge, before the power destroys the entire siege. After the four shrines are destroyed, The mortal armies and Erla both appear with armies from the north and south respectively, and begin to attack the fortress. (Erla must survive, but remains back at the camps the attackers create). The mortals come with Stonekin and Fire support and Erla with Nature support.

The two set up their camps and begin to send forces to attack the fortress, the players then having to assist the two armies in pushing deeper and deeper. The two armies send waves ever 2 minutes, and continue until the fortress falls. Once the fortress falls, a Twilight Cultist rushes towards the shard and then rushes back towards a cavern behind him. Moon shouts that the Twilight leader stole a piece of the Shard, and to follow him!


The ancient tunnels beneath the fortress were expansive, but Moon, Erla, and Oxar knew that they had to stop the Twilight leader at any cost. He had stolen a fragment of the Shard, and with that power, he could do untold damage to the world.

However, as the tunnels got deeper, the thrumming of the earth turned cold, and the sound of waves could be heard. The tunnels soon opened up, and the heroes found themsleves looking at the sea.

But something had changed.

The sea was boiling, writhing as they watched it. Growing in ferocity as thunderclouds rumbled overhead. Rain began to fall, as Moon could see the Twilight leader wading into the sea. Hurrying to stop him, Erla focused his power to release a beam to try to catch him, but the assault was suddenly blocked.

Out of the sea came an enormous creature, unlike anything that the heroes had ever seen. Its body was clad in sealife and coral, its huge claws moving forward. The Twilight leader bowed to it, and offered the fragment, only to be grabbed by the creature, his body crushed in an instant.

The creature turned to the four heroes, and let out an unholy screech, before disappearing into the sea.

Moon and the others stood there, confused. What had they just seen? What was that creature?

Whatever it was... it had the fragment of the Skyforge.

Chapter 8: To the Sea (4 Players)


With the fragmet of the Skyforge Shard stolen by a creature of the sea, Moon and Oxar once more join forces to attempt to follow it. Even the God of Knowledge didn't know what this new threat was, but even as Rogan and Erla returned to their homes, they all knew that the Skylords must stop them, whatever they were.

All the while, Moon was still troubled. The appearance of the creature was oddly familiar somehow. Almost like she had seen them before. Were they a type of Twilight spawn? Or something else? She didn't quite know, and the thought troubled her...

This mission is based around hunting for the creature that took the fragment. Opening the mission, Moon explains that the plan is to use a series of Amii dredging machines in an archipellago to force the creature to come up. However, more of the Deep creatures stand between Moon and the dredging devices.

There are five devices in total that must be captured and activated, protected by substantial Deep camps. Travel between the islands is done through shallows connecting them.

Once the five Dredging devices are activated, the creature appears in the middle of the map with a large army, either in shallows or otherwise, allowing the player to fight them and reclaim the fragment, but the creature speaking for the first time, telling them that there will be more coming... and the Twilight Cult belongs to them.


With the creature dead and the fragment retrieved, Moon knew that all that was left was to destroy the Shard, just as the Skylords had before. It shouldn't be difficult this time; their power had increased since then and the Amii power shrines were no longer needed.

All of these events troubled her. What was the creature? Where had it come from? And what did it mean, that the Twilight Cult belonged to them? Something sent a chill down her spine as she thought of it. A premonition, perhaps, of what was to come?

All Moon had to do was put the fragment back with the Shard, and begin the spell...

But nothing was ever easy for Skylords.

Chapter 9: Revelation (12 Players)


With the mortals having aided once more to protect their world, and the SKylords fighting alongside them, the mortals and Skylords had once more stopped armageddon.

However, not all was as it seemed. As the remains of the armies held out in the ruins of the Twilight fortress, the sound of horns, echoing on the wind could be heard.

Scouts returned, bloodied and nearly killed, telling of a host of Twilight, no, THE host, made of all of the remaining Twilight that were not sane. They were following some sort of call, heading right for the fortress... towards the Shard.

The mortal armies prepared themselves on walls that they had just days before stormed and taken. Prepared for an assault that would decide the fate of the world. Moon called for all Skylords that could assist to come to the defense, as the Shard seemed to tremble in anticipation, but for what, Moon did not know.

This is a straight-forward defense mission on the same map as before. This time, there's twice as many entry points and the waves are much more dangerous, as wave after wave of Twilight mixed with Deep units assault the fortress. Waves appear every 7 minutes (4 on Expert) and the players must survive until the 5th and final wave. Each wave, the Deep leaders say how they were the ones who convinced the Twilight Cult to obey them, and imprison their own gods to use the Ichor. The 4th wave leader taunts that they were the ones who fed the Cult the information on the shard, and how close they were to reclaim it.

Moon retaliates as the attack continues, asking why they wanted the shard so badly, and the revelation hits as the final wave comes.

They are the Amii, using the Skyforge during the civil war to allow themselves to survive the coming world. And now, they were going to return, and reclaim what was theirs.

When the final wave falls, the leader says with his last breath that this is just a drop of their army, and they will come... and they will reclaim the Skyforge.


The Amii. That was what Moon had been missing. Lost for thousands of years, the Amii had been behind the Gods, and behind the Twilight Cult. They were the ones controlling things from the shadows, to reclaim the Skyforge and destroy the Gods.

Moon found herself at a loss for words. A new age of war had come, and now, the full might of the ancient Amii were coming with it.

After spending around 6 hours on this, I look back and realize I have to cut out The Deep faction for the next expansion info, and even then, I still feel like I didn't do my best. I'll review, and perhaps repost this with a new synopsis and questchain with fixes in the future. I feel like I didn't quite do a good job with this and will correct it as needed, as well.

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9 hours ago, Hrdina_Imperia said:

Now this is a lot of content. I gotta take some time to read it all. Perhaps some ideas can be used, since there isnt enough people/resources to such a big Expansion anyways. 

Does that mean I should stop working on the other two expansion ideas?

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The post is too large to comment on everything so I will give a few impressions based on what I did read.

  1. The proposed story takes too long and an insufficient amount of plot occurs in each map. There are 9 proposed maps here to finish off the Behind Enemy Lines story and then set up for the next actual story arc. BattleForge just does not tell story in this manner. Consider the Renegade campaign. It follows the treasure fleet, introduces and crowns Mo king, and tells the story of Blight's reemergence and fall. All of this happens in 7 maps. While it could be argued this is rushed, and it likely is, the amount of story that occurs per map is far in excess of what is presented here. BattleForge maps jump into moments of intense world-changing action, then tell everything else in the lore book. I would much rather see 2-4 very carefully crafted maps which are absolutely overflowing with story, then spread this same content over 9 maps.
  2. It was smart to introduce new characters, because we cannot use the old ones. We do not have Moon's voice actress anymore. Therefore the story cannot be told by her, she needs to become a background character.
  3. I appreciate the attempt to combine new cards related to the maps with the map themselves, but in the future I would recommend just focusing on one aspect. Card design should ultimately flow out of gameplay considerations, with lore performing an inspirational role.
  4. I think you are a bit out of the loop as regards our currently announced plans. We already announced the next 2 campaign maps and the Amii are good guys in them. See here: 3rd Anniversary Stream
  5. Lastly, I do not like the Amii twist. It flies directly in the face of the Amii's established identity and frankly makes no sense. It also ruins the existing Amii plotline. The Amii manifested themselves physically for the sole purpose of freeing the enslaved mortals. Those same Amii, after failing, sold the Key of Ashia to the Assemblers to purchase the Forge to accomplish the liberation they themselves had failed to achieve. Eventually the Amii returned themselves to the elements after performing a mass ritual, but not before carefully constructing structures across Nyn that the future gods and skylords would be able to use in the coming war against the giants. That these Amii would then be revealed as the puppet masters behind the Twilight and the Lost Souls just makes no sense. And as I said it ruins the existing storytelling. The Amii are meant to be a tragedy and they are a very well written tragedy. They come to Nyn, fail, and then not understanding the importance of an afterlife because they are immortal spirits, they trade temporal freedom and satisfaction for eternal denial and slavery. They inadvertently cause the creation of the Lost Souls, who themselves then create the Twilight. This makes the Amii the ultimate cause of the events of the campaign, but they are hardly the villains. It is the law of unintended consequences and a lesson that the best intentions do not cover up poorly made decisions. The Amii make every decision with the best of intentions, but hyper-focus on mortal liberation so much they accidentally create a cosmic evil which almost leads to mortal extinction. Making them suddenly come out as evil the whole time ruins this tragic story and underlines the moral power of the existing story. 
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Hm, alright, I'll redo and work on condensing and making it better. I have a new plotline I may work on, and see what I can do. This is one of the reasons I was worried about trying to write as it was; I'm not one to really be able to read the underlying themes and instead have a topical look at things. I'll see what I can come up with to help, but doesn't seem like this one was a good one. Ah well.

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"I'll see what I can come up with to help, but doesn't seem like this one was a good one. Ah well."

without even reading the big text (sorry :D)

at least you are thinking about how you might give some ideas, so do not say that "this wasn't a good one"
we do appreciate everyone who is investing his time into thinking about how to go on with storyline, map ideas, card ideas, you name it 🙂

and who knows maybe with the next ideas, you might hit the right spot and our map department can use some of your brainstorming to build a map around it 🙂 

Have a great day Skylord, ill now read through the your ideas 😛

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