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Found 15 results

  1. hey guys i started playing, sorry re-playing about a week ago and this is my current deck, any suggestions would come in handy i'm currently using this deck for all modes(even though i know it's not rpve material...
  2. Yogababa

    Lyrish Knights

    I flipping love that card... But alas I can't play properly to gind for it because of the unstable servers. Anyone got a spare Lyrish Knight card on them owo
  3. I want to make a shadow frost pvp deck, I Want to use lost cards. Anyone got samples?


    Hi all, Pick your top 3 of things you want the most in upcomming updates!!! 1. air deck: giving additional bonnusses with fire 2. water deck: giving additional bonusses with frost.. 3. earth deck: giving additional bonusses with nature 4. abomination of all 4 current ellements (1 orb of all) 5. more 4 orb bosses 6. more neutral ultra rare units 7. a pay to way section (beside the regular game) 8. more starter units 9. at least one healing spell for pure fire, shadow and frost 10. making a own senerio campaign map. 11. just keep the current optional. only expent shadow/nature combination and maby like a frost/ fire one 12. more grinding options beside t9 and t10 dungeons 13. more multiplayer campaign maps. Additional choises: more air units/ more ground units more campain maps
  5. xHighTech

    What deck did you play?

    Greetings @ all. In cooperation with Ladadoos we would like to know which main decks did you played in BaFo PvP? I'll add your name into the main deck section & to a counter for the upcoming statistic. I would appreciate it if you let us know what you play/ed regardless of your T1 choice for a short overview. Vote counter: 115 Votes Deck's Player 11 Pure Fire ( cDKiLLrOy, Archmystic, LinEQ, LEBOVIN, Lohle, Taker, Jenskendrik, shadowxxs77, DawsonTheFish, @LoKilleRs, @Taurusfire... ) 10 Pure Nature ( dekka, Azta, @TomyWomy, @Kahetabi, @EarthRed, @PickOrder, @Danito, @MarbSlonk, @Chomiczek, @Roguzf ... ) 17 Pure Frost ( freemka, Tormar, MisterBanane, ferevus, Blondais97, MrBoa, Akula, @Jumpman, @Akiyamachandesu, @Dallarian, @Kinoster, @Daaron, @Dragonhide, @Leukos, @KonaiLP, @jaktichu, @Mefesto ... ) 17 Pure Shadow ( GadaiGER, veryhasted, Anonymos, Chimerae, Asraiel, thifofdeath, @UBiLAVA, @XxHARVESTERxX, @Kessler, @guyperetz, @ulvfdfgtmk, @Istab, @Crosego, @Riviute, @Complex, @ecillio, @OXYKNG... ) 13 Twilight ( xHighTech, Ladadoos, Treim, Sykole, MephistoRoss, Eirias, Dexirian, Ezmoneysniper, @Kipspiesje, @XxAndroidxX, @Dzodin, @ThomasMann, @Tofu, ... ) 7 Fire/Frost ( kestas3, Nachtalb, Ultrakool, Trihl, @DrOetker, @Necrovan, @HomieGoHome... ) 5 Bandits ( Drezrak, @JugGERnaut, @ImaginaryNumb3r, @Tytraso, @GEILWIEPEN, ... ) 12 Lost Souls ( Hirooo, DuellLord, Eddio, ImperatorSK, Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Loptous, fShark, xtazfuneral, @mezren, @Demonic55331, @Totylcf, @Darkblaster, ... ) 12 Amii ( RadicalX, MrNguyen, valarium, DeChris, Hollwie, JuvenileEnvy, Jew, DarcReaver, @tbpeti, @Mirosius, @YaBro0 , @bramkriek, ... ) 11 Stonekin ( MaranV, forger, Dmytros, element, WotdeFack, @alesgec, @darklionking, @Demiron, @Venorik, @Delok, @Dragon270,... ) Best regards, xHighTech & Ladadoos Inspired by Ladadoos's Where are you from thread.
  6. Cherrieee

    Faction Discussion

    Hey guys! Cherrieee here, I remember years ago when I used to play BF, and god damn I love it. So about the factions, my favourites were Nature/Shadow decks. Granted I didn't have the greatest cards, but I did actually win PVE a lot, bare in mind I was a little kid back then. ANYWAY, what are your guys' favourite factions and ones that you will use in the UPCOMING BETA COMING JANUARY 2018!
  7. Hello, when I played the game in it's original form I was fairly young and pretty much got stuck playing whatever cards I had and I mostly just went by cards that could walk in a straight line and steam roll whatever got in the way, to say the least, I was not very good at tactics. But as I look forward to getting back into the game I've been checking the cards over at the wikia and I try to find a faction to focus on, one I can really feel into, and not just focusing on me I'd like to know what everyone thinks about each faction. Is Fire just a High damage burst deck or will zerg rushing get you smashed? Is Frost really good at only defending or can it be played really offensively? Is Shadow all about controlling everything and where everything is? Is Nature all about Crowd Control? And what of the other five? Please, do share what you would say each faction is like and how you think they should be played in the best way, maybe help someone to figure out why their favorite deck doesn't suit their play style?
  8. BanGo

    Beginner Deck

    Hi there, I got an idea for the upcoming game. At the begin you don't have any good cards. But we could change that and everbody can decide at the beginning of bf a deck: frost, fire, nature or shadow deck etc. Not very expensive deck just a deck to start best regards BanGo
  9. Dallarian

    Player's Eye. Avatar of Frost

    I'd to make this post discussion about Avatar of Frost on PvP. For what he was used? Was he good on PvP (when you won't have T4)? What about his shield? Was he often on PvP? How to countr him? For what is he good? Please ansewer, for this thread you everyone have
  10. anonyme0273

    War of the words

    THIS IS NOT RP (role play) RP is here http://forum.bfreborn.com/index.php?/topic/1838-the-elemental-clash-the-battleforge-rp/#comment-38184 A while ago, there was a huge discussion - lore based. We battled around on what Elemental faction is the first one, the strongest one, the most ambitious one and the best one And just now, me and @youto000 came upon that discussion again, so here we are, having a thread about this, and this only. Post all your lore based and even made up facts here, and let's watch the Elements fight over their position. ------- Seriously though, check out the RP, it's amazing
  11. Dallarian

    Player's Eye. Lyrish Knight

    I'd to make this thread discussion about Lyrish Knight (not promo) on PvP. He is good XL counter, can be used for kill T2/3 XL. What about his strenght against units like L or M? What strategies/combos are good for him? (card's name please and how do it) How to countr him? (which cards?) Please ansewer. For this thread everyone have
  12. When we start play BFR, we dont have good cards. How build not bad Frost (with some nature) deck for PvE with common cards? I am interested on T1 and T2 (maybe T3). T1 (frost) Master Archers, Imperials, Red Lightblade, Ice barrier? T2 (frost-nature) Defenders, Cobolts Trick, Cannon Tower, Phalanx, Stone Tempest? T3 (frost-nature-frost) Silverwind Lancers, Shield building, Drones, Equilibrium, Drones, Swamp Drake, Tremor? What you think about it? Which cards i should have in first deck? Only COMMON cards
  13. I not played much PvP, and my only deck was little changed PvE deck. Can give me clues (and cards) how to build good Frost PvP deck and Stonekin (?)(?) PvP deck?
  14. TheGeekProject

    Double frost strat

    Hey guys, i used to be really skilled with my friend at 2v2 and we even reached the top of 2v2 (1st place) for a week ! that is insane and the tactic was actually really simple behind it. Start off with a frost mage on both and try to push 1/3 of the map in since frost is slow and cant reach center fast enough. then one of use would stick to orb 2 and build defence waiting untill the other one hits orb 4, and if the orb 2 guy felt strong we would ofter slowly get more land... Anyways after orb 4 was done we would get a bunch of constructs and destroy one orb so both players could be orb 3. combine with the awesome frost defence and you have enough time to get 2-3 constructs and 3-4 tremors and after that with the walls we kept on pushing steam rolling the opposing team and it was easy win most of the times.
  15. Hello fellow skylord. Did you play maps like Dwarven Riddle and lost because you couldn't hold the enemy wave? Did you ever play Behind Enemy Lines and couldn't defend agaisnt big enemy waves? Or did you and your team lose in Crusade because your base got completely destroyed? In this thread I will teach you how you can play a frost defensive deck that doesn't cost much! in this Post i write you how you can play a defensive Frost deck That not cost to much Deck The deck that I will be using in this guide is shown here: http://bfcards.info/search.php?i=deck&id=20382037201520222020200821042004200520452002205020312028203320482014204320402013 This deck is based on a slow and control based playstyle, instead of speed and precision. The key cards in this deck is Kobol Engineer to keep your defensive buildings repaired and also skyelf Templar, Sage and Commander. Deck Basic : This deck is based on a slow ,control based playstyle your key units are the kobold for the towers and the skyelfs T1: You start T1 with your the typical Frost Mage, Frost Sorceress and Master Archers combo. It’s very helpful to build a Construction Hut where you will be building your towers, since they will cost less and be built faster. T2: In T2 you should look into building towers in places you need to defend. Place some Cannon Towers in combinaton with a Shield Tower as your tower line. Furthermore, build Juice Tanks near your wells, since this is a slow playstyle and you will therefore need all the energy you can get before the wells go dry. Spawn some flying units like Skyelf Templar and War Eagle, and in combination with your T1 units, go for your T3. Remember to use Coldsnap if necessary! T3: In T3 you spawn some Kobold Engineers and build one Stronghold to make your defenses stronger. As for your offensive force, summon some Avatar of Frosts and Core Dredges. You don’t really need more T2 units, and since you didn’t spend a lot of power in T2, you can spend it in T3.Use the special ability from Skyelf Sage on your Stronghold so that it gains a damage boost. Again, slow playstyle with strong defenses. Next, get your T4 with your Avatar of Frost, Core Dredges and Coldsnap. T4: On T4 cames the strongst part for your line The Worldbreaker Gun place some on the line because she can handle the big ones place now some commanders to the cannon towers and a Sage to the worldbreaker gun (the Commanders are good when some fly units comes to attack the towers ) Place your Construct with a Battleship and go slowly forward to take her bases your should take a dreadnought on her side when they get in trouble can he use Shared pain to get the dmg away ^^ and thats it more i can´t tell about this deck its like a big chain of combinations ^^ i think i didn´t need to say that this is a pve /battleground deck ^^ its not a pvp deck so ^^ well have fun with it and Gl ^^ Behind enemy Lines : Key Unit : Skyelf Sage who don´t know it you start a 1 player mission and think .... damn i hate it to play alone vs alll these mobs http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/battleforge/images/9/99/Behind_Enemy_Lines_Map.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20090505071629 ^^ you start rly simple on a higher ground with a t1 orb first you should concentrate to get the base in south east so you make enough mages and witches and attack watch out for the minions that patrol. Now you should get up your t2 and walls and defend it with your mages build a constructions hub, some cannon and ice shield towers to defend yourself . After this you should get some fly units and go with them and the mages you get in the time to the west gate place some archers on walls to get more safe clean your way to the base in the west and get your t3 after this the rest is not to hard place a stronghold on your main base and some sages and 2-3 kobolds ^^ now you call your AoF and Worm combo to clear the noth west base don´t forget cold snap and t2 units can be usefull too don´t get to greedy if you fail it doesn´t be that bad ^^ it only need to time get some new armys together Now you should go first to the north base and take the t4 you can place a worldbreaker cannon there and a sage then you can with construct dreadnought shared pain and a battleship go into her last base ^^ after this you win congratz Dwarven Riddle/Bad Harvest: on this maps is one thing important ..Teamwork ^^ if you need help or can´t find a right team then can you add me^^ i will help you ^^ back to the maps Crusade : Key Units: ^^ this map is rly good with a friend to make the start is rly simple get mages and archers to fight your way up to the top now you should hurry up ^^ build t2 as fast as you can and place construction hubs ^^ after you done this you should place cannon towers and ice shield towers in this time should your mate beginn to clear some bases ^^ (you have big job you defend the base the game wins/looses with your towers) concentrate to hold the waves away and beginn too with your air units to get some bases t3 should you clear very well ^^ now should your mate been on last base for his side tell him that he should help out on your side because you get now strongholds and sages on every side and some kobolds to repair ofc this will costs alot of energy thats why he needs to help you on your side to get t4 if he don´t help don´t worry ^^ place a AoF and worms and get it but watch out the time you have . Now are you T4 the last waves comes you should get all your sages to the worldbreaker guns and summon all commanders you can get to shield up the strongholds when you have enough energy place some constructs too ^^ that should help to win this map ^^ Congratz ^^ Dwarven Riddle : Key Unit : Kobold Engineer This map is the most teamplayed map you can get ^^ one misstake and the whole game is done First of all press NEVER the switch for the vulcan ^^ belive me its not good for you ok lets start : First you should place some mages and try to save some mana ^^ you will need it for next T go down with your units and his units and destroy the base for t2 now your time come : place construction hubs on both T´s but the important one is the Main Base place all base with cannon shield combo . and don´t forget that they come in waves so you have every time a bit more time to repair all if you hurry up you can place enough tower to hold when not ask your mate ^^ when he gives for a few sec his orb you can place stronghold sage combo and a AoF ^^ when not ...^^ then you should rly try to hurry up get the bases place by place and watch out that you don´t get to greedy and not watch your base on T3 you should place more strongholds and sages With AoF . Worms too but AoF are more important place some kobolds too to get the fast repair ^^ at least you should be able to beat the rest on t4 worldbreaker cannon with sage and now comes the hard one if you beat your side and your mates on other side need help you can help them ^^ place all skyelfs,battleships,eagles and fly to them this is enough firepower to get them down meanwhile should constructs hold the spawn points for the waves ^^( best you place there some worldbreaker guns too) well ^^ more i can´t say ^^ you done Dwarven Riddle ^^ congratz

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