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Found 3 results

  1. Yima Ymir

    Legendary units (T2)

    Hi guys, have been playing for a while now. I often play PvP sparrings to test new units. I always liked the idea behind legendary units, but I dont think they are viable in PvP right now. Their abalitys dont have enough of an impact for the power costs. 1.Rogan Kayle is ok but could need a little buff. 2.Viridya should be a M counter. Cause she is a S counter right now, but she knocks small units back and then does not even hit them fully. So she does like no dmg. 3.Moons abality costs waaaay to much. While she herself costs too much too. These are the cards, which could be very interesting if buffed right.
  2. Nachtalb

    The PvP-Balancing Wish/Whine-List

    Dear Skylords I opened this threat, because of the discussions concerning the PvP-Balance we allready have in this Forums. Because the discussions both deal with specific cards or specific ideas for balancing and i have the feeling that it is missleading at the moment (eg. talking about giving pure fire a Wareagle counter on the one hand and talking about OPness of (pure fire) Cliffdancing on the other hand). To get the balancing PvP discussion better organized i want to collect all (perceived) balancing issues in PvP here in this thread. The goal is to first make a list with all of those issues, then go down that list point for point to discuss it: Is this realy an issue, does it has to be changed, how could it be changed. As a conclusion we would have a list of REAL Issues that should be adressed (with ideas on how they could be adressed) and a list of only PERCEIVED Issues, that are no real ones and only come because people don't know how to play vs certain strategies or vs certain Decks. Please as a first step only post (in short words) which Balancing Issues YOU think are in Battelforge that need to be adressed. I am gonna collect all of those in a List here in the first post. After some time of collecting we can discuss each issue and see if it realy is a thing that needs a fix, or if it's not. After we have a list of REAL Balancing Issues we can start to discuss those in seperate threads again. I Hope this will lead to a more sophisticated Discussion about PvP balancing and will lead us in a direction so that we can start to balance or test balancing ideas when the server is up and running (maybe on a seperate testserver). I am gonna start that List with the issues that I think are problematic in BaFo PvP. I am gonna ad the name of the person who reports an issue in brackets behind it. Please be aware, that not everybody has to be your opinion, just post everything YOU THINK is a balancing Problem in PvP. You don't have to post any ideas how to solve this problem, lets first only collect, then discuss all the points. Perceived Balancing Issues in PvP: - Weakness of Bandit T2 and Shadow/Nature T2 (Nachtalb) - Shadow/Frost T3 is overpowered (Nachtalb) - Tree Spirits are problematic in Nature T1 (Nachtalb) - lack of a cheap t2 m/m counter in pure nature (LagOps) - phasetower is problematic against nature (and maybe frost?) t1 (LagOps) - lack of reliable wareagle counters for pure fire (LagOps) - bandits being underpowered vs frostsplash T2s (SunWu II.) - cursewell being overpowered in frostsplash T3s (SunWu II.) - shield building being overpowered (SunWu II.) - war eagle + stormsinger(ability) being overpowered vs pure fire and fire/nature T2 (SunWu II.) - firedancers over cliffs/walls being overpowered (SunWu II.) - the (bug ab)use of netherwarp (green) casted on shadow mages being overpowered (SunWu II.) - Brannoc's special ability being too strong (SunWu II.) - pure nature being slightly underpowered vs certain m-unit attacks in early T2 (SunWu II.) - lost grigori's special ability being slightly too strong (SunWu II.) - phasetower and mortar being slightly too strong (SunWu II.) - Grigori's taunt bug (Aragorn) - Razorshard knockback delay bug (Aragorn) - Nothern star bug (Aragorn) - Juggernaut and Mo's ability CC-Bug (Aragorn) - Brannoc : Ability too strong (Aragorn) - Nature t1 : Give them something to deal with structure (mortar and phase tower) (Aragorn) - Nature t2 : Give them a M/M. (Aragorn) - Additional energie (energy parasite, thugs, etc.): Bad Concept (Aragorn) - Mountainer: Shield ability OP (Aragorn) - Well curse OP in 2vs2 (Aragorn) - Lajesh unbalanced : Too much wall and cliff potential on nearly every well. (Aragorn) - Bandits UP (Aragorn) - PvP is balanced/there should be no discussions at the forums at this point (Anonymous, xHighTech)
  3. So I've heard it expressed several times that there is a rock, paper, scissors effect in battleforge with pure fire, pure frost, and pure nature. Rather than nerfing anything, I think it would be a better idea to give each of those factions a hard counter to the faction which "beats" it, especially since it's usually just one thing that is so "unbeatable." adding a hard counter acts as a mini-nerf against other factions (because it's mostly a wasted deck slot) while making the difficult matchup more fair. For instance, I used to carry mauler for no other reason than that I had a very hard time with stonekin and a pretty easy time against the other factions. So I dropped hurricane and added mauler, which gave me a more even advantage/disadvantage across all the factions. Here are the 3 cards I propose (I'd link to the card maker but the link isn't working). Also I don't think this will get implemented for a long time, maybe never, but I still think it could provoke some interesting discussion. Blinding Ash 2 fire orbs, 80 power. It casts on a enemy flying unit (like envenom or dying breed) and prevents that unit from attacking for 14 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds. The idea is that I don't want it to be very viable as a cc otherwise, but this allows pure fire to temporarily take war eagle out of the fight. Inflation 2 frost orbs, 30 power. It casts on a friendly unit and increases that unit's power cost by 30 power. Not usable on units that cost 150+ power. No cooldown. As I understand it, pure frost struggles with parasite swarm because the eagles get captured so easily. This is the (costly) preventor of it. Equality 2 nature orbs, 100 power. It casts an aura of 25m radius which prevents all bonus damage to units or structures within the aura. No siege, no unit size counter, no stone shard bonus attack against beasts. Every card will deal the damage in the bottom left (also no root network extra damage). Lasts for 35 seconds, Reusable every 40 seconds. This card might have uses outside the pure fire matchup, but the idea is that it would primarily be used as a defense against fire dancers, because they wouldn't deal so much extra damage. I could even see this being a single nature, single neutral arcane as a way of combating the "cliff dancing lameness" (which I don't actually think is that big of a problem) in other factions. I want these cards to be viable, but not broken, and to help the matchups not turn them around. Ideally these cards wouldn't be used, but I'd like there to be a way for that pure fire player in the gold shield ranks who's tired of losing to war eagle "lameness" to have a way to make it not so bad. What do you guys think? Will this wreck the balancing?

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