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Found 6 results

  1. Chimaka( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2 - "Errorcode -1" when trying to login

    NAME: "Errorcode -1" when trying to login SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Login screen REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Error appears, if you happen to enter your password or login wrongly (typo or just improper, whatever). So: steps to reproduce it are >Enter wrong password/e-mail >get the "...wait 10 seconds..." message >wait and enter proper password/e-mail >Forever "Logging in", then the Error appears with following "Disconnected" window. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Enter your password on the first try, either restart your client, if you happen to enter wrong one. SCREENSHOT:
  2. andre98king

    login issue

    from one day to another my brother can not connect to both the game and the forum the password and the email have not been changed could you help me thank you
  3. title... 4th day now that i can't login. redownloading the game didn't help, antivirus was said to not block anything 1 log is from the game, second from battleforge\diag folder in documents log.txt ‏‏‫מסמך טקסט ‫חדש.txt
  4. _gagei_

    Login failed

    Before update everything was fine. Now i can't login. [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] SectionBrowser:SwitchSection to Login [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] SectionBrowser.SwitchSection: Opening section 'Login' [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] ScreenFlow:Next(bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml) [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] DoTransition: bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] OnNextView! #0 [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] Creating view bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] Created new task ReEnableLogin [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open: Setting position on screen [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open: Initialize controller [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] Show ActiveView [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open: Setting position on screen [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] PregameSection.Open: Initialize controller [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] Show ActiveView [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:00:01] Created new task ActivityCheck [INFO][NETWORK]: Timed out sending a Network Message with Interface Borderline, Message LoginAccountRMC in ...Diag\log.txt [WARN][NETWORK]: SSL_read: sslErr=5(SYSCALL) ret=0 wsaErr=0 [WARN][NETWORK]: CNetReceiveNetworkMessagesJob::Execute: CNetNotConnectedException received [INFO][NETWORK]: Timed out sending a Network Message with Interface PreGame, Message GetAlllLimitedPoolsForCharacterRMC [INFO][PREGAME]: CharacterRemote deletion. [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] pg_back_to_login [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] Restarting Section [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] StartScreen: bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] CurrentScreen: bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] ScreenFlow:Next(bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml) [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:22] Screen is already active, do nothing: bf1/ui/dialogs/pregame/login/pg_login_view.xml [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:24] SectionBrowser:Exit... [INFO][UI (Lua)]: [00:01:24] EXIT GAME

    Login password keeps breaking

    Hello everybody, The website keeps login me out of my account. even though i let chrome save my password, sometimes i just need to login manualy. when i type in my password i get the message wrong password. i am absolutly sure i am using the right pasword but it doesnt work. So i reset my pasword to exactly the same one and it works for 1 or 2 days. then it breaks again. is this a known bugg or am i doing something wrong.
  6. Spiderwulf

    Account System

    Hello battleforge fans and dear readers, I'm very curious to know if I will be able to play on my old account or if I have to make a new one. (if I keep my old account will I still have my cards that I had in the last version of bf?) Did they already announce this? Thank you for reading, every comment is welcome. Greets from Spiderwulf

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