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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am pretty new to the game and the first obvious thing a beginner wants to do after he played for 1-2 hours is building a new deck. For me aswell. So I tried to create a Shadow/Nature deck out of scratch with cards I already had or which I bought from the marketplace for almost nothing. And that worked for me in standard missions or lvl 5 random maps ^^ As I played along for several hours more I was focussed on improving my deck. I added more expensive cards like Mo, Grim or the Wyrm but as I used my deck in harder missions I felt like it was not strong enough and h
  2. How to Create a Well-Balanced Pure Nature PvE Deck for Starters. Tier 1: Shaman (70 Cost, 410/410)- I start with the Shaman for to most, obvious reasons, but for the starters, the Shaman is a great card that helps out in an incredible amount in Tier 1. It works in a great combo with Wind Weavers and Werebeasts for reasons I will explain later. When first using this card, I strongly urge you to keep the Shaman behind the troops before telling them to heal so they are able to keep their distance from the enemies while the enemies attack your Windweavers or Werebeasts. Once you are more comforta
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