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Found 3 results

  1. I'm curious about what nationalities form our community. Where are you from? I'm from the Netherlands. Results: Total amount of players in the results: 590 Different nationalities: 66 To check if someone is in this list or to easily see the results from a specific country, click Ctrl + F and write the word(s) in the window that pops up (top right corner). The scrollbar will have yellow stripes if it detects what you wrote. Germany: 157 ( @Groping , @Aryze , @CyberReXxX , @Treim , @Kamina , @Waldmonk , @manafarbe , @Keksbendiger , @TheReborn , @dog0815
  2. DDrazard

    2 Grammar.

    Yep... I am a french first language and I found a grammar error of english... So funny. (Image) https://imgur.com/a/Y4X7ger Server : ANY! NAME: Grammatical error. SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: On the card Forest's Vim REPRODUCIBILITY: Any time you look the card XD. DESCRIPTION: Simply the card description which has an error : The green affinity only has this written : ''(...) among the indivdual members.'' ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It might be a good idea to correct this before the release official of the game...
  3. Hi dear skylords and skylordins (xD), it came to my ears that there must be a few skylorderies out there who have problems with me, be it personally or about my attitude...or even just because of some kind of a language barrier...or just a bad image of me as a person. Right now I would like to fix this issues, not only but also because I would like to work as an artist for the team (and NO that does not mean that those borders everyone hates *hust sarcasm* will be implemented. thats still a personal project), and they don't hire people that have such a negative position
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