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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys! I enjoiyed your remake very much so far and you've done a pretty good job without EA. But i encountered random game freezes here and there. Sometimes it runs perfectly smooth with no issues. Today the game crashes every time after startup. Task Manager tags it as "no response" but the recources (CPU etc) are going up and down as usual. Also the Music keeps playing. Ending the task works but only via TM. Does the game maybe create crash reports to help you? Stay safe!
  2. I had freezes before, most of them the bug when you create a match(c++ related bug), this time it made my pc freeze, no response, restarted it, deleted the client.I will be waiting for the open beta.If it was my hardware i wouldn`t be playing other games that are way heavier without a lag.
  3. Hey, me and my friend can't play any games together for a few weeks. We can create lobbies, also we can invite people, but sometimes there is a bug that the game freeze while we are in lobby. We can´t switch the lobby anymore and we cannot join other groups after we left the lobby. But the main problem is that when a game starts it just stuck in the loading screen; we both can only play single games. We tried few things to solve this problem, but still we cannot play, not even play alone with other people So .. what can we do? PS: Sorry for my english, i hope you still
  4. Name: Parallel parties collide **causes freeze (not crash) )** Severity: 1 (according to the classification guides laid out in template. Causes game to freeze, requiring restart) Location: In- game (possibly all non-solo or even solo games) 2 player RPVE confirmed. Location may also be considered a chat channel. However, It's my opinion that he team chap bugging out is a result of the bug, not the cause. Reproducability: Unknown Description: I wish I had more to put here. I was playing an RPVE 7, we were communicating in chat, the game started to stutter, nothing out of the u
  5. i login in the game 4 time and everytime after 1 min the game freeze
  6. NAME: Players will stuck on the loading screen, if one of the players skips narrator SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Lobby (Loading screen) REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS (not tested yet, but there are chances) DESCRIPTION: If player skips the narrator while another player still loads, game will freeze and both players will be stuck on the loading screen. VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: doesn't crash server
  7. NAME: Stuck in loadscreen [pvp/maybe coop as well]SEVERITY: Game BreakingLOCATION: End of Loading ScreenREPRODUCIBILITY: ONCE (out of 4 matches so far)DESCRIPTION: Upon finishing the loading of the map, it says "waiting for other players" despite the other player(s?) allready being in the game. the game will never exist to loadscreen and must be terminated using alt+f4
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