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  1. until
  2. "Skylords, it's here! I can feel the source coming from that fortress!" After many tests and trails, my very first 4PvE map is finally here. I present to you: Fortress of Tears A 4PvE community map and the end of the Lost Souls home world arc for Rogan Kayle by me, ZeroPC. After traversing the city and breaking out of the prison, you finally arrive at the Fortress. So this is where they reside... Rogan needs your help one last time to find the key to eliminating the Twilight from his home world once and for all. He believes it resides in this might Fortress you stand before. Work with Rogan and 3 of your fellow Skylords to get what Rogan needs, clear his path, and get him home. Escort Rogan Rogan can't fight these creatures alone. One of you must guard him at all costs and bring him to his destination within the Fortress. But be careful... the Lost Souls don't take too kindly to visitors. Storm the Fortress Some of you must brave through the horrors within the Fortress and clear out the path for Rogan before the Lost Souls find him. You must find a way to disable the Fortress' security and let Rogan pass through. Get Rogan Home The portal back to the mortal realm must be protected. Once Rogan is ready to leave, he will need to travel there. One of you guard it well, as the Lost Souls will send their Twilight monsters to destroy it. Be on Guard... Who knows what other monstrosities roam this Fortress and it's hollowed ground... Play on all difficulties For the first time, one of my maps finally is set up for all 3 difficulties! Try them all! This is my first 4PvE map so I'm really excited to see what you guys think! Please do leave your feedback as I want to improve my map making skills as best as I can. Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. Hello! I noticed there was a section for uploading some community custom maps here on the forums, so I thought I'd put my latest map here! Introducing, Prison of Tears A 1 Player PvE Community Map set in the home world of the Lost Souls. This map is also a sequel to another map I've made called "City of Tears". The Twilight Curse has not been fully eliminated yet, and Rogan Kayle seeks out the key to eliminating them for good. He believes it is in the home world of the Lost Souls itself. As you venture onward with Rogan, you wander into a strange and eerie prison with Lyrish soldiers trapped inside. Work with Rogan Kayle to free the soldiers and overcome the prisons mysterious challenges. Free the Prisoners Work with Rogan to free the prisoners from the clutches of the Lost Souls. Escort them to the Portal Once freeing them, you must keep them safe until you are able to escort them safely to the exit portal to their freedom. Watch out for the Warden As you roam the prison, be aware of the Warden and do your best to avoid him until you are powerful enough to take him down. This is my first map I've ever made a post about and I thought it'd be cool to share it with the community! If you guys want to give it a try, its uploaded in the community maps section in the game! I'd attach it here, but it looks like it exceeded the file size. I plan to make more maps in the future, so if you guys can share some of your thoughts and even suggestions to make it better, I would really appreciate it! When looking it up, it's called "Prison of Tears". I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 and feel free to check out some of my other maps I've made like the prequel to this one, "City of Tears". They're all on the Community Tab! (If I can find a way to attach them here, I will).
  4. A suggestion for Event Organizers and devs in regard to Community Challenges. Even with the small sample size we have today, it becomes apparent that Community Maps are not something everyone is familiar with. For Community Challenges with Community Maps such as CCC#2 and Dallarians “Lyr’s Distress Call” is this an additional hurdle to reach players - no matter how well the event is managed. I suggest an additional location for Community Challenges (very well illustrated below in orange (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ ). It would host the current Community Challange, be it a Community Map or any specific cPvE or rPvE setting. With the difficulty preset, nothing can go wrong and it would be the least effort required for any player to join. The addition of a custom Leaderboard which can be hidden or shown during the event (depending on the event leader) could be a future expansion to this feature. It could also be used to extract replays directly which would further reduce the steps required for a player to take part in the challenge. Feel free to chip in expansions or adjustments as well as your thoughts on this idea. Regards, Myno Edit 1: The Icon could change its apperance according to the max human player amount of the active map.
  5. Hi all! Im working on a map called Restoring Lyr and its my first map ever so im still learning it all, but now im kind of done with the "core" work of the map, still alot to be done but for me to continue im gonna need some testing and help from other players. So if you want feel free to download it in community maps and try it and report the bugs/errors or suggestions to improve it! Its a 2P map with defend/attack elements Whats being worked on: Cyan = Worked on continuously Done = Added to the map ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Difficulties - Currently only one diff but will add /standard/Advanced/Expert (This will be the highest priority after the "core" of the map works fine) Map design - terrain/cliffs/textures/props/audio etc Balancing - exploits/missed blocking/more or less enemies?/to hard or easy?/waves/quests/monuments and power wells. Add more objectives at the north to put some pressure to get there in time, maybe some defence. Reworking the North with new quests and more content Add translation for german/russian/french Add more Outcries Updates - Just updated! 21-09-27 So please if you try it send me a message on the forum or ingame mail and give some feedback whats good or bad. I wanna be able to polish it as best as i can so the next map will be even better. I want to continue the PvE Campaign story and maps 🙂 Thanks for all the feedback! /RookieN
  6. Introduction I'd love to create new content for the game but frankly I am pretty terrible at PvE map design. When I saw this post from MephistoRoss my gears started running, ideas kept popping in and out of my head and motivation as well as time I've got plenty for the time being. I don’t like asymmetrical games/modes, this is one of the reasons I’m bad at PvE design. In the reply to the post I scribbled down a couple of ideas and here is a more fleshed out variant of my thoughts. “My” community map idea: Champions of Nyn A MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). We’re going back to 2003, the release date of Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), a community map for Warcraft 3. Back then MOBA as a game genre didn’t exist and a guy called Eul released this gem of a community map into the world. Today games like League of Legends are amongst the most played and popular games ever created. My vision for this map is not to replace any of the triple A titles out there, but to apply the concepts inside of Skylords reborn. More concrete vision for this map/gamemode (if MOBA isn’t a familiar genre to you I’d recommend to read the wikipedia article first): A 3v3 map with team bases at the center left and right with 2 lanes splitting the map into top, middle and bottom jungle. Best comparable with the old 3v3 map “Twisted Treeline” from League of Legends. When entering the map all players can choose one of multiple playable characters to play this round. Comparable to how you had your hero Harvester in the community map “Rise of Demon” by Emmaerzeh/Lebovin, you will unlock specific skills for your chosen character by killing minions (uncontrollable units from a team which run towards the enemy base) and monsters (jungle camps/enemy units periodically spawning in the jungle). Skill usage can be restricted by either cooldown, energy or both combined. Boss monsters will be part of the jungle giving one team an advantage over the other by granting a buff, debuffing the enemy, enhancing power generation etc. Currently I have no specific idea to make use of the deckbuilding aspect of the game. The only “reasonable” thing for me at the moment is to ban every single card to prevent major balance issues. I’m up for suggestions though. My humble skills I’m new to coding but can do quite a lot of stuff in Skylords reborn inside of mapscripts. Everything mentioned in 'my idea' is doable with the skills I’ve acquired during the pandemic. But, I’m not all knowing and will need some help. Especially in map generation, as far as I know maps can be generated with pixelated images, I saw it on YouTube once. That’s pretty much all I know of map generation. Further I need to improve my knowledge of script groups which I didn’t come around playing with so far. My future plans Realising a project like this requires quite a time investment which I’m willing to do, but also proper planning. This community map won't be released (V1.0) before following milestones are achieved: V0.0.1 Proof of concept; playable 3v3 team game with objective and 1 playable hero (respawning) V0.1 Creatuon of map (balancing and redesign along the way) V0.2 Minions and experience; leveling up heroes granting more power and abilities V0.3 Monsters and neutral buffs V0.4 Increase number of playable heroes to 3, make them unique (max one of each per team) V0.5 Playtest 1 (closed beta) & balancing V0.6 Increase number of playable heroes to at least 6 V0.7 Add eyecandy: Animations, cutscenes and character callouts to the map V0.8 Playtest 2 (open beta) & final balancing But before I really start on V0.1 I need one thing: Community feedback if there’s even a wish for a mode like this. What do you think? Would you give it a shot? Do you even have ideas? And would you like to be part of a small dev crew? Regards, Myno -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update 14.01.2021 The proof of concept has been made in a 1v0 environment (simulated PvP) Much data has been gathered about how to influence the gamemodes balance There's not much more to say, unfortunatly the influence I have to make this gamemode somewhat balanced are very limited without editing gamefiles - which is a bannable offense. So yeah... I'm not going to put much more hours into this project until mods/modpacks are implemented which would allow me to change specific character attributes which is in my opinion mandatory to continue. I hope to continue somewhen... Regards, Myno
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