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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings fellow Skyfolk, after reaching a point where it just wouldn't make sense to continue working on the now outdated version of the SMJ-Website, I decided to completely rebuild the website with different tools and development strategies. The redesigned site is now at a stage of development where I think it is viable enough to replace the old version, which broke with the anniversary patch of 2021 anyway. The new version can be found here: https://smj.cards/ The old version is no longer available due to changes made by the hoster heroku that would require paying to host it, but it didn't receive any more updates anyway. The old version was available here: https://smj.herokuapp.com/ The new site provides a lot of the features the old one did and more. There are a few exceptions though, which I haven't implemented yet due to time issues, as I wanted give you access to the new site since the old one doesn't work anymore, but I will reimplement them in a later version: Deals page Filtering/Sorting the cards by powercost, damage, lifepoints, abilities Using URL parameters to set filters/sorters Aside from these, the new site has other things going for it, which are best experienced by playing around with the site, but just a few that may be of interest to you: Bigger variety of filters (excluding the ones mentioned above) like: Playable with certain orb setup max charges, squad size, starter card, gender, etc. More price details for each card: 1W/2W/3W/4W Median/Mean/Min/Max 7 Days Daily Meadian micro-chart in the main table view Differences of current price to 1W median / yestedays daily median to the daily median of one week ago Short Term chart that updates every 10 minutes but only shows 4 weeks worth of data (limited because of data size reasons) Long Term OHLC-charts that update every day and give a better sense of price development over a longer period of time compared to a regular single point chart Card Auction details of what auctions currently exist for each card, when the auctions were approximately started, when they will switch and when they will end (still a small bug in the calculation sometimes, but I will fix that independently of the site) Average value of the reforged card, when destroying 4 of the same card General card info: Maps to get the upgrades from for each card List of cards that share 5/4/3/2 similarities with the selected card for easier reforging decisions Button to the wiki page for the card Button to copy the shorthand card url for sharing Some other info: The main search field has a "fuzzy" functionality, try searching "LSS" and you will see what it means 😉 I created my own card IDs to not be as vulnerable to changes to official card IDs (Plague), Promo status (Lord Cyrian), affinity (Sandstorm R -> B), as well as potential name changes In some cases SMJ IDs as well as official card IDs can be used for some things: The following links will all redirect to https://smj.cards/card/grinder-promo-p: https://smj.cards/7z https://smj.cards/[1607] All card images are automatically generated from their static data through an api that you are able to use as well, but I will explain how to use it at a later date The site is still in development and some things might still be subject to change in the future, but I didn't want to make you wait any longer, seeing as the old site doesn't work anymore. Also, just as an info, the features that the site currently provides represent about 50% of the features that I plan to add in the future. 😉 Just like the previous site, the new one will also only provide information about the prices, the cards were put in the marketplace for and not actual sell prices! If you find anything that is not working properly or is irritating, please let me know and I will look into it. Also, if you have any specific feature ideas that you think would be useful, don't hesitate in telling me about them and I'll see what I can do. Design/Layout suggestions are also appreciated, as I'm not a designer and just did what came to mind, especially the boosters and card details tables with their cells that display the prieces, which I am not entirely happy with yet. I hope this little project of mine will be somewhat helpful to you all, as that was my foremost goal from the beginning. 🙂 Thanks and I hope to see you all in the Forge. 😉 PS: I would also like to mention that I have a discord server dedicated to the whole SMJ project, where I post about the project more regularly than on the forum and where it's easier to get in touch with me regarding everything related to the SMJ. You can join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/m5Dm5fweSV Over there you are are also able to interact with a discord bot that allows you to set price notifications for cards that you want to buy/sell and a few other usefull features. Most of the features the bot provides are only listed by the bot itself, but you can read up a little bit of info about it in this forum thread: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/7300-smj-bot
  2. Introducing the Auction House Archives! The goal of this site is to track each card's journey through the in-game auction house and beyond. Since it tracks each individual auction, it can deduce when a card has sold in the auction house and for how much. With this information it can display the min, average, and max prices a card has sold for along with potential deals that are in the in-game auction house. I've also built out an API you can use in your own projects to receive information from the archive. To learn more about how the archive works, or how to use its API, visit the about page (https://auction-house-archives.fly.dev/about). You can access the main page of the archive at this link: https://auction-house-archives.fly.dev/ If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, feel free to let me know and I will do my best to keep the site up to date. Home page: Card Page: UPDATES: 2/20/2021 Updated the API call for "/cards/status" to allow filtering according to auction start time Improve card image load times General Style updates Update table on card page to be sortable Update about page with details about new changes Add demand indicator (number of cards sold divided by number of cards) on card page 11/21/2022 Migrate from Heroku to new hosting platform and update links/images
  3. As of ~6:00 UTC, about 2.6% of all listings had auctions. This sounds like the auction feature is pretty much dead! 1. What do you think about the fact that the auction house, has no auctions in it? I think it's a lot less fun to try to interact with AH when auctions are missing, perhaps the option to not do a bid has removed an important gameplay aspect to the auction house. (not that the reversal of this would change most people from just setting the bid 1 bfp below the buyout, including myself) 2. What if all postings were required to have bids like they previously did in the past? I think this would improve the buyer's experience and give everyone the possibility of getting a slightly cheaper card and just have fun with bids. Additionally, this is a good learning tool for the younger players as this is a full market. I know I fondly remember ah back when I was a youngster being wowed by this open market! Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, I have something new that I want to share with you. In the last two days I tried something new and built a simple Discord Bot that allows you to set notifications for card prices. DISCLAIMER: Please note that to use the automated notifications you will have to subscribe to the bot, meaning that you need to confirm that your publicly visible Discord ID and all your personal notification settings for this bot are stored in one of my databases. You can unsubscribe at any time, which deletes all your user data including all notification settings for this bot from the database, never to be recovered. Here are some things it can do right now: Set multiple notifications for different cards with criteria for when there are buyout prices below (for buying) or only buyout prices above (for selling) a set price available Unset all notifications for a specific card, so you can set new ones, if your criteria change Unset a specific notification Show all your current notification settings Show all current buyout prices for the cards you have set notifications for Show all current buyout prices for a specific card, or cards that include a specific set of characters (no subscription needed) I set the Bot up so that it checks for new data frequently and sends notifications each time a previously set criteria is met, which should be not later than 1.5 minutes after new data is available from the API. If you are okay with subscribing, just want to use it for displaying the buyout prices of a card or simply want to stay updated on changes to my website or bot, join my myDiscord Server and start interacting with the bot in your DMs. If you joined the server, when the bot was not online, simply DM the bot with !help once it is online again. You can join it here: https://discord.gg/m5Dm5fweSV Also, since I haven't spent a lot of time with programming this little bot (or Discord Bots in general) yet, there might still be some issues and other stuff, like a not so understandable command documentation or the nonexistent description on my Discord server. Nonetheless, I hope you still like it and find this simple bot useful.
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