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Found 4 results

  1. Error message: WillHcX#6352 (original reporter): We were destroying fire camps to let rogan kayle go to Jorne / Brannoc. It crashed after viridya said : "Now you shall pay" before she dies and then it crashed if i remember well We did not block Rogan on his way
  2. Fellow Skylords and Cute Beings, As second person to ever complete “Among the Old Gods” achievement in Battleforge, I started using title “The Old God of Battleships”. As we learn from King of the World himself, best way of starting a cult is being friendly and helpful. Therefore I wish you will enjoy this read, aimed at providing you with both comprehensive and powerful knowledge. Introduction The thread is aimed at players who struggle with Among the Old Gods. In order to complete the achievement, you have to win all campaign missions on expert difficulty. You will be rewarded generously in 8 General Boosters. Many maps have different exploits and tricks that may make the map trivial – however, as they feel unfair, require particular cards and may be removed by developers, they are not covered here. Deck choice usually is irrelevant when it comes to expert difficulty. The important aspect is to specialise your deck for each map, and prepare it for particular threats you may encounter. On my first playthrough I have completed the campaign with Pure Frost deck, as it is my favourite faction. It was before first balance patch, so back then all factions were weaker and had lower amount of viable cards. Pure Fire still may struggle with the achievement, nonetheless, overall you should be able to finish the campaign with your favourite PvE faction. There is no need to sacrifice fun for playing meta, as there is no “the only correct way” – the only limits are in your head. Approach is important Expert is not meant to be easy. Try, lose, improve. This is how humans become better – by making mistakes and learning from them. Thanks to the guide, you can learn on my mistakes and significantly decrease amount of necessary tries to complete the achievement. Pay attention to which enemies you will face, what is their position, weak points and how to exploit the situation. Check map topography to quickly reach Power Wells and intercept enemy attacks. Learn attack timings and understand triggers. [1] Be prepared and do not leave anything to a chance. You will come across problems – enemy attack too strong to deal with, restricted access to cards or monuments, mechanics that doesn’t work like you expected. [1]. Trigger is a condition that starts a particular event. For example in Behind Enemy Lines if you destroy any of spawners that are nearby your Tier 2 locations, enemy waves will become significantly stronger and use specialised units. Keeping spawners alive allows you to explore the map and prepare defence in a more relieved way. Explore. Adapt. Overcome. There are many cards in Battleforge that are neglected and overlooked, as they are not as flexible as the most popular choices. If someone told me I would be using Icefang Raptor to complete Ocean, or pre-rework Sunken Temple to win Soultree with Pure Nature, I would laugh, as those cards seemed worthless to me. I was wrong, niche cards are awesome in niche situations. When you will start looking for solutions, you will notice those little gems in your collection. If you are looking for something cheap and solid, you may want to check @Weak1ings ‘s deck, as he was the first person to complete Among the Old Gods, he used an affordable flexible meta deck. Weak1ings' deck: Make sure to use what you already have to forge your path to victory, possibly in an unique way. Amii Monument may make many missions easier – however, it is easy to get lazy because of it, and majority of maps are difficult due to situations that happen before you reach Tier 3. Progress Track Accessing Replays Maps are in separate posts 1 player maps are in this post. 2 player maps are in post 2 posts below. 4 player maps are in post 6 posts below. 12 player maps are in post 8 posts below. One Player Maps 9/9 Encounters with Twilight Siege of Hope Defending Hope The Soultree The Treasure Fleet Mo Ocean Oracle Behind Enemy Lines I will try to improve style and review errors at some point, and also introduce more maps. List of many guides across the forum by @Eirias. Larger base of Youtube videos by @MephistoRoss. Here only replays for 1 player maps are available. Check other posts to find 2, 4 and 12 player maps. Siege of Hope Expert.pmv Behind Enemy Lines Expert.pmv Defending Hope Expert.pmv Ocean Expert.pmv Oracle Expert.pmvThe Treasure Fleet Expert.pmv Soultree Speedrun.pmv Mo Expert.pmv Behind Enemy Lines Expert Shadow.pmv Defending Hope Expert Shadow.pmv The Treasure Fleet Expert Metagross.pmv
  3. Hey guys 😁, Donaar here presenting you a fun and unusual run: Titans Expert Solo starting P2 (thanks to @Kapo for theorycrafting this challenge). Soloing this map is quite challenging since the player has to clear the way for Rogan and free the 12 civilians before Jorne spawns (which happens 13 minutes into the game). As showcased in this replay (all credits to Pritstift and RadicalX), Titans Solo runs always start on P4, since the way for Rogan is "automatically cleared" in order to get T2, T3 and T4. Corsair's Assistance ability is then used to open the gates for the civilians - this step has to be performed carefully due to the 60s cooldown of said ability. Starting on another position (P2 in my case) is a completely different story: you have to free the 12 civilians, go to the cave where Rogan & Jorne spawn, clear an enemy camp (in order to make Rogan move) and block Jorne with buildings, ALL in 13 minutes. Okok, i know, blocking Jorne is lame but it's the only way to keep Rogan alive (there's no way to clear all Rogan's path within the tight time tresholds we got). I completed my run in 19.45 minutes (and the second part isn't fully optimized) - below you can find the replay. Here's the deck I used: Nomad (G) + Mines: classic Fire T1 for PvE, nothing much to say here. Scythe Fiends + Undead Army: great combination to reach spots you're not supposed to reach. Burrower: great card for this run since it's fast, it's a melee unit (counters Mark of the Keepers) with Siege (useful to kill Living Towers & Spawners) and the Acid Spit ability is super useful against walls. Cultists Master + Furnace of Flesh: best void manipulation tool in the game. Mutating Frenzy: pretty good melee unit that is used both to clear Rogan's way (ranged units have an hard time given MotKs presence) and for oneshotting Brannoc by stacking its ability multiple times. Corsair: used to reach the bossfight arena without clearing the fire emitters. Here's important to note that the switch provides ground presence. Used in combination with Enlightenment Dreadnought: used to stack up Mutating Frenzies infinitely. Obviously spawned after an Enlightenment use. Makeshift Tower: used to defend your wells from the small waves (2 Thugs) that attack you. Useful mostly for its S-knockback ability. Tunnel: used for both teleporting units strategically and to block Jorne. Breeding Grounds, Surge of Light, Curse of Oink, Thunderstorm, Regrowth, Frenetic Assault (G), Soulshatter: some of the best offensive & support spells/buildings in the game. Nothing much to say here. Hope you enjoy this run as much as I do, See you in the Forge, Donaar Titans Solo P2 19.45.pmv
  4. DESCRIPTION: Rogan Kayle (aka. Maddie in the scripts) gets stuck at Scriptmarker Target "TargetMaddie". REPRODUCIBILITY: Happens when Gate 7 & 8 are activated prematurely (before - I think - either the last spawn building is destroyed or Gate 2 and 4 were activated). SCREENSHOTS: Struck Rogan: Gate 7 & 8: REPLAY: 20200926_001416_11304_PvE_04p_Titans.pmv ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not the cleanest of fixes, but the best I came up with is bf1>map>pve>11304_pve_04p_titans>script1>gates.lua>line:104 replace OnOneTimeEvent with new OnOneTimeEvent: OnOneTimeEvent({ Conditions = { MapFlagIsTrue({ Name = "mf_Gate07Open" }), MapFlagIsTrue({ Name = "mf_Gate08Open" }), EntityIsInRange({ -- new check to prevent premature trigger Name = "Maddie", TargetTag = "TargetMaddie", Range = 10 }) }, Actions = { SquadGroupCheckpointGoto({ Group = "sg_Civilians", TargetTag = "sg_CivilistEndstation", Run = default }), SquadCheckpointGoto({ Tag = "Maddie", TargetTag = "sg_MaddieEndstation", Run = default }) } })
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