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Found 4 results

  1. Hello fellow skylords, since GoL got changed here's how the map was beaten as fast as possible - without an explination. 🙂 The document shows different timings for player-inputs for 4player to 1player speedruns for the map before the changes in Patch #400031 - 18 December 2021. Here's also the Google docs link. There won't be an explination. I'm just sharing it for the sake of sharing. Cheers, Myno GoL_Timemap.xlsx
  2. so then, anyone have a present RTS game that they have been playing to fill in the blank that Battle forge left whenever it got canceled ???? or just a new passion in gaming in general?
  3. Welcome to Conquer Lyr! The successor of Conquer Nyn We are currently recruiting players to start the first war. It will require 12 players to play and it will start once 12 players join. Here is the current list of participants: SilenceKiller99 - Grimvine (Dark Green) DyonisX - Lost Grigori (Purple) Dallarian - Battleship (Light Blue) How to play: The strategy game will be played here on this thread. The game is turn-based, with the length of 1 turn being 1 day. Therefor
  4. Power circulation keeps your energy floating. So In this post i wanna touch something really important for playing battleforge Pvp. Some main concepts of power circulation in general. First of all i wnna point out the different ways power (energie) can be spend in BattleForge. So first of all therer are units, spells and buildings. Technicy units and buildings are sharing the same spot (buildings are kinda overpowered units, in the way how they bind power for a (limited) amount of time like units.) Overall that means, valuewhise, Spell <
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