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Found 13 results

  1. Hey, Description: Some upgrades of the Nightcrawler have the Frenzy percentage messed up: U0: Correct U1: Shows 50%, instead of 75% U2: Shows 50%, instead of 100% U3: Shows 50%, instead of 100% Reproducibility: Always Screenshot: Example wrong status bar icon tooltip Best regards, LEBOVIN
  2. Hey, Description: The Infernal chain debuff status effect does not indicate which affinity was used. Reproducibility: Always Screenshot:: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  3. Hey, Description: Both buildings interact with own power wells, but the Resource Booster cannot be build if no own power well is nearby. To streamline this, either : 1) remove this restriction from Resource Booster, or 2) add the restriction to both cards and make adjustment to the tooltip, mentioning this exclusive play out restriction. Reasoning: Option 1 allows players to also place the resource booster anywhere, if they require a building for ground presence or proximity healing and have no other building in their deck. Option 2 prevents any use of the buildings besides them boosting power wells. Reproducibility: Always in game. Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  4. Hey, reaching unprecedented levels of nitpicking Description: On Gunner (Fire) affinity's upgrade cards the autocast ability infused burst is colored yellow instead of the appropriate affinity color red. For comparison the correct shadow affinity is on the left side in purple. Reproducibility: Always Screenshot: (left affinity coloring is correct) Best regards, LEBOVIN
  5. NAME: Gemeye(Nature) upgraded loses paralyze DESCRIPTION: Gemeye(Nature) has Gifted Spit, which paralyzes enemies in the contaminated area after 5 seconds. The U0 version of Gemeye(Nature) functions as intended, with vfx clearly visible and units being paralyzed. The U3 version of Gemeye(Nature) loses this paralyzing contamination easily noted by the lack of vfx that the U0 version has. REPRODUCIBILITY: Easily tested in the forge. Make a U0 Gemeye(Nature) and attack some bandits, repeat with upgraded Gemeye(Nature) and see the results. SCREENSHOT: LOG: log_proxy_latest.log ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not sure how busted U1 or U2 are. Other players report the same issue in rPVE so presumably this extends to missions. Gifted Spit gets upgraded with damage so something is probably broken in there. New issue with Jan 1, 2021 patch. _log_proxy_latest.log
  6. Hey, Description: The second part of the effect, namely preventing repair of damaged structures during the effect does not work consistently. Reproducibility: Spells that grant repair always continue to remain useable on affected structures. Additionally the repair button is not greyed out and can be clicked. Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  7. Hey, Description: Fire's Archers have a hidden siege damage bonus, dealing (8.33333 %) more dmg per attack (6 in total if all 6 archers fire) against structures. Reproducibility: Always Solution: Adjust Card Description to mention this as passive ability "Siege" : "Deals 1 extra damage against structures." Screenshot: (Wall Segment has 2k hp to begin with, 6x1 "Bow Attack" dealt 78 [= 6*(12+1)] dmg Best regards, LEBOVIN
  8. Hey, Description: The second part of the effect, namely preventing application of Ice Shields during the effect does not work consistently. Reproducibility: Tested against: Mountaineer and Avatar of Frost, always fails to disable their automatically regained Shield. Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  9. Willzapper has a similar restriction for enemy wells (for information if the restrictions would be removed)
  10. Hey, Description: The active ability claims to always double the passive void return rate. This is not the case if the rate is already above 10/2sec, then it is just increased towas 20/2sec. If 20/2sec is already reached, the ability ceases to have any effect. This should be clarified on the tooltip, as changing the cards functionality to match the tooltip would be a very big balancing step. If on it, perhaps also point out that the Shrine's effect only effects the owner and not other team members. Reproducibility: Always Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  11. Hey, Description: 1.) Some upgrades of the Shadow Mage have the "Foul Play" percentage messed up in the status bar icon tooltip: U0: N/A U1: Correct U2: Shows 200%, instead of 300% U3: Shows 50%, instead of 300% 2.) No upgrade shows on the card's tooltip the hidden damage cap of the ability, as it is similar to Nasty Surprise this tooltip should be adjusted too. Reproducibility: Always Screenshot: 1.) Example wrong status bar icon tooltip 2.) Example: Nasty Surprise Best regards, LEBOVIN
  12. Hey, Description: The status bar icon of affected buildings is missing the usual timer for how long the effect remains active. Reproducibility: Always, both affinities Screenshot: Best regards, LEBOVIN
  13. Hey, Description: The granted damage buff is shown and working on buildings, but saying there the unit will deal more damage, thus the status bar tooltip is incorrect, it should say entity just as in the card description. Reproducibility: Always Best regards, LEBOVIN
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