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Found 7 results

  1. hello everyone as the Skylords game has become burdensome for me, I decided to post this post, which maybe the devs will read, maybe not, the game has become unplayable for some time, neither in pvp nor pve mode, I have the equipment and a very good internet connection and this is happening 1. the game sometimes freezes every 10/15 sec 2. fps jumps from 100 to 2 / 3 are embarrassing 3. loss of connection every 3rd match on giga jams, as if I were playing on a microwave, 4. NOT TO MENTION THAT THE GAME IS DENSCHRINOZED EVERY MATCH 5. On average, 2/3 of 4 players remain in every second match 6. The game works worse every update. I regret to say that as of today the game is unplayable and driving me crazy :) star_border
  2. about 4 days ago ..8th May i think.. i started to get a slow down of gameplay. this happened in both campaign and random maps. the gameplay would get slower over time becoming almost like a slide show. and some times stopping and then snapping back a few seconds later. yesterday, while gaming with my friend on a 2 player campaingn map, as well as slowing down in game my battlenet voice connection became erratic to the point we could not understand what we were saying. it continued to be bad even after Skylords was closed. voice chat returned to normal after a reboot. today, after 10 mins testing my deck in the forge with no problems, i started a random 1 player map and within 2 minutes it glitched and dropped out of Skylords, back to desktop. my mouse pointer was jittering on and off very rapidly and a 'howling wind' sound was comin out of the speakers, I couldnt reneter Skylords but was able to alt tab to the Skylords box , which was just a black box with the name and a 'x' close button. and i closed the game dow. the mouse stopped glitching after skylords closed. this doesnt happen with every game i played this week but was definitely not happening at all prior to this weekend. _log_proxy_latest.log
  3. The 3 RPVE Achievements "Apprentice", "The Road not Taken" and "Abandon all Hope, ye how enter here" all stop at 19 games played. Im at 22 maps won so far and the non of the Achievements trigger. And i'm not the only one with that issue.
  4. DESCRIPTION: incorrect stats everyone is showing 0 REPRODUCIBILITY: simply load the leaderboards for 2v2s THIS IS ON MAIN SERVER!!!
  5. Hi, I have been having a lot of bugs lately that aren't game breaking(except well, the first one) which I sort of tried to talk to a few moderators about in discord but I seem to be bugging them more then actually getting problems solved. I worked all nightshifts this week and was mostly asleep when normal humans functioned so I didn't really press on it instantly. bug #1 is a bug that I couldn't cause to happen again since I have no clue what triggered it, but a very very annoying one at that while searching for a PVP match I got matched with someone I know which charted me to text him and start talking already in the loading screen phase when we entered the game I had a completely random deck and not my PVP one, a deck that can't and doesnt exist as well as my decklist appearing empty. My friend surrendered but that feels bad man, losing ELO just because of a random bug. images: https://imgur.com/a/xcE7mDc bug #2 is a bug I can replicate multiple times - if I try to upgrade cards half of the time the upgrade consumes the gold without actually supplying me the upgrade or doesn't equip the charge i'm trying to put on. I don't have video evidence but can easily supply one if necessary of me recreating the bug. images: https://imgur.com/a/dGhtvAT bug #3 is sort of a sidekick to bug #2, wrong display of gold. whenever I log in lately the amount of gold shown seems to not be the correct amount I have which is sort of annoying when trying to go for upgrades especially when half of the time they don't work. images: https://imgur.com/a/kSBeGqe bug #4 is just a visual bug that might actually be on my end don't have a screenshot of it but sometimes creatures don't have health bars for a couple of seconds when summoned\first enter my screen - never happened in PVE though and in PVP the momentary screen freeze of screenshotting might lose me the match:( (checked in replays and it doesn't show up) thanks in advance and sorry for all the trouble.
  6. I've played the game for a whole week and everything was fine and two days ago I tried to start the game and didn't work, I assumed it was a bug with the server and yesterday I tried to log in and didn't work again , the bug is this: I put my email and password it writes success and freezes for 1 min and then writes this I tried redownload the game tried deleting files and rextract I tried the ducoments thing and i tried in options playing on the lowest setting did anyone had this problem and fixed it pls tell me how I can do it thnx for the help
  7. Yepp "account activation" bug is back guys just to let you know. Let me know if ur getting it to
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