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  1. my usual nick is TmT012 in like every forum or game but I had a really bad winrate in BF so I created a new account and my friend who was holy striker wanted to create a "holy" theme with me and I just ended up using InsaneSpirit instead of his SaintSpirit suggestion to make fun of it. It sorto f stuck with the few friends that play BF and when we heard of skylords reborn I instantly knew what my nick should be
  2. Hi, I have been having a lot of bugs lately that aren't game breaking(except well, the first one) which I sort of tried to talk to a few moderators about in discord but I seem to be bugging them more then actually getting problems solved. I worked all nightshifts this week and was mostly asleep when normal humans functioned so I didn't really press on it instantly. bug #1 is a bug that I couldn't cause to happen again since I have no clue what triggered it, but a very very annoying one at that while searching for a PVP match I got matched with someone I know which charted me to text him a
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