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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, the game has so many cool cards, but some get very little attention because they are outclassed by others or just not fun to play in their current state. So I'd love to see some balance changes to these cards. I also included some changes to much played cards that I would like to see changed a little. Here is a list of some of my Ideas: Note: I left some blank because I think these cards need a change too, but I didn't come up with a idea yet - Oracle Mask: (compared to Northern keep, this cards is terrible) buff dmg, make ability duration longer an
  2. I've always been a strong proponent for rebalancing the game before release, and now that Kubik seems to be behind the idea and there is community support for it I've decided to start working on my balance proposal. First a little bit about me and whether you can trust me with regard to game balance: I was very active in Battleforge from 2009 to 2011, and I played on and off from 2012 until the shutdown. I've played on all of the (non-beta) balance patches and have watched the game's balance change and improve over the years. I've played over 3000 PvP matches in total.
  3. As far as I know the only reason to not do any balance changes before release(wipe) is that it was promised a very long time ago. There is few things I want to point out: every change to cards invalidate all leader-boards every change to cards make it difficult to run replays, EA make it so you can not open them at all From my point of view doing changes now will limit these problems after release. Some changes like changing HP, or cost of something are for me just 1 number, and I may even be able to keep replays compatibility with some background work for these chang
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