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    Battleforge, Photoshop, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, league of legends ;)

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  1. Survived the operation... 

    Since i've been gone on this site for some month's.. its quite good to be back! missed seen all the posts and annoucements! 

    I had a rare heart desise, my heart where turned upside down (yeah i know that sounds crazy and false.. But its not)... been at the hospital for one and a half moth b4 i could go out again, and do some exercise. phew. good to back y'all

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    2. VeriiMoney


      thanks man. its going great. got them pills and other drugs to help me out ;) 

    3. Ultrakool


      Will you be able to get back to 100% or did the disease sadly do some permanent damage?

    4. VeriiMoney


      lets say 70 % back up. The only thing that trubbels me now, is that i cant play handball on high lvl as i did b4... and i was in the top league as keeper


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