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  1. Thanks for ur answer and ur sources/links. I'll check them out later, but that's good to hear, I really hope this will succeed. I think it's too easy to say "legally fine", cause yes, it might be, but EA still could just don't give a f*** about that and just sue and make it a long lawsuit at court - which no one could afford really (besides big companies like EA). But whatever, not trying to be the partypooper here. When BFR is ready it will sure be awesome as fk
  2. This might be a suggestion u guys already heard a thousand times, but what about finding a (nice) guy at blizzard EA, some community manager or ex-battleforge employee who still works at ea and just hit him up at twitter or fb or smth like that and explain what you guys want to do here. maybe he can get this to his bosses and they actually approve and give u green light (in writing). maybe they'd say u have to pay x amount, but that could be achieved through donations maybe. or maybe I'm just day dreaming here and EA is a company which doesn't even want to "sell" a dead game, with which they d
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