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  1. Ca7 liked a post in a topic by Darcurse in Excluding cards PvE   
    You realized, that the game is heavily imbalanced and that people in general will always try to cheese their way through things.
    Even in video games, when there's nothing to gain from it. On the contrary, they actually cut out the whole reason why they "play" the game.

    Wait till you stumble upon the guys trying to play the auction house/other players in order to increase their bfp even while there is actually no endgame for doing this except for sitting on a mountain of bfp which you can't use for anything other than getting new cards to sell again to get more bfp.
  2. SunWu liked a post in a topic by Darcurse in Help me out on a reference I've never gotten   
    I'd pretty much assume it's not a reference to any specific movie or quote.

    Juggernaut also has the voice line "I'll be back" (Terminator).
    The rest is about him moving, which seems to simply point to juggernaut being a walking battering ram -> The definition of an 80/90s action movie star.
    You could make the assumption that it's simply pointing to the phrase of good'ol Arni.

    Juggernaut: "I'll be back"
    Sunstrider standing beside him: "What? You're going somewhere?"
    Juggernaut: ................. "It's an action movie (reference)"
    That or all his lines are actually Arni qoutes I don't remember and this one is from "Last Action Hero"

    Going through the voice lines for fun he also says "Hasta la vista" (another Terminator) but also "I see dead people" (Sixth Sense)
    -> Pretty sure the devs simply threw some random movie lines together for funsies
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