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  1. I like the joker from the dark knight, and my old Username was shit. So i took the name of my Idol, and added something unfunny.
  2. Win before min X, and you get more. Has positive psychological effects. + Daily, so people don't get bored.
  3. People in Skylords are complaining that they cant find people and I got a idea to solve it. We create a random lobby searcher. It find random open lobbys specified by what you selected before. So you go on the map (maybe there will be a button search random lobby) and click on random lobby - you select your difficulty - maybe how many players - search for a lobby - you joined and choose deck... etc. - all ready up and start ( if you dont want this map you could also just leave it There still should be a button in the options menu which you can choose between create closed lobbys
  4. because .... everyone knows what i wanted to write. and this isnt even a suggestion
  5. Names for some achievements: From eddios comment 14. Kill an XL unit using a small unit - David vs Goliath 20. In pvp kill a promo unit using a promo unit - Pro-tastic fight 21. In pvp go to t3 before your opponent builds a second monument - twice as fast 15. Destroy x amount of shields - Shield Breaker 25. Freeze 100,500,1000 units in matches (could be a nice excuse to give santa clause as an reward :p) - nerves of ice 27. Sell 100 cards in the marketplace - Money Maker 28. Win a level 1 battlegrounds using only snapjaws - impossible you lied. 31. Open
  6. ... shit yourself, because you are too lazy to go on the toilet.
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