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  1. Id rather have you keep us up to date on your progress!
  2. Greetings Skylords! We have two important announcements: There will be a server downtime for upcoming Saturday (21-05-2022) - Downtime will start at 17:00 - Downtime could take up to 6 hours - Forum and website will also be down, keep an eye on our Discord to stay up to date. Now for the good news: Our new patch will release in the first weekend of June! Look forward to the Community Update on the 4th of June, where we will reveal what will be in the next patch. We hope you look forward to it!
  3. Don't worry, we keep both modes in mind constantly. In our last community update we showed off Wasteland Terror, talked about new PvE achievements, and the Promo Mana Wing, all PvE focussed content. PvP requires a completely different balance approach, and most of the time includes tweaking numbers, while PvE balance often get the more complex balance fixes, requiring more time and running into a lot more difficult issues, especially if you keep in mind that we dont have the source code. If you are a PvE players, I can imagine it sucks if your units get nerfed for PvP, thats the cu
  4. Since we are playing on the test server, you have every card available to you there. Meaning how this works is: - Toggy opens 8* boosters *number might change - He sends you a screenshot of the content of those 8 boosters - You then build a deck yourself by including only cards that can be found in the selection send to you. We play at 18:30, and you get your cardpool at 17:30 (on discord). This means that from 17:30 till 18:30 you should both select the cards you want to play (build your deck) and actually ''build'' it on the test server. You can do the first p
  5. The ranking (and especially the lack of rewards) is a frequent topic, but also something that would require adjustments that would take up quite a bit of time. At this point we decided to focus on other area's, but personally I hope we can make some changes to this in the future.
  6. Last-minute addition: there will be a tome tournament this tuesday!
  7. Good question, though sadly not a positive answer. While a lot of work already went into its development, we currently dont have a map artist so DRPvE is currently bottlenecked and on hold. We hope someone will be able to help us out and get it back on track.
  8. Greetings Skylords! Every three weeks, we give an update on the things going on behind the scenes of Skylords Reborn. Welcome to another Community Update! • Soon™ Last Community Update we revealed our upcoming new achievements and ever since we get daily questions when those (and the patch in general) will hit the live server. We are currently hard at work finalizing the upcoming patch, but aren't able to reveal a concrete release date just yet. We expect to share more information with you regarding its release in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. In th
  9. Huh interesting, is this run really not possible with one point? love non speed related contests
  10. Thank you for your interest in Skylords Reborn! Here we will give you a brief overview of the project and how you can help out. About Skylords Reborn Skylords Reborn is a fan-made project that revived BattleForge, a multiplayer real-time strategy and collectible card game set in the mythological world of Nyn. BattleForge was developed by Electronic Arts and released in 2009, while sadly closing its servers in 2013. In June 2015 fans started working on an unofficial revival under the name of Skylords Reborn, and in 2020 players could finally enter the Forge again. Skylord
  11. If you are interested in this tournament, please sign-up in advance. It makes organizing the tournament a lot easier, and allows us to increase the prize pool!
  12. Tool Developer We use numerous tools that are crucial in our development process. As a tool developer, you will help us improve those tools to increase our development speed and productivity. A few examples of established tools include (built using C#, WPF and MVVM): Entity Editor: Allows us to add new cards and change existing ones, and much more. Special Effect Editor: Allows us to create new special effects and alter existing ones. Updater: Crucial tool that allows players to update their games and is the entry point to the game. Next to these, we are also
  13. Artist As an artist, you are responsible to create the visuals required for new content. This is a broad position and there are many areas where you could help in, depending on your skills and interests. Think of loading screen artwork for new maps, card artwork for new cards, visual UI elements for new features that involve adding UI to the game, banners for events/tournaments/community challenges/large game updates etc. Responsibilities • Create artwork for cards. • Create icons for card effects. • Create backgrounds for card artwork. • Create artwork for loading scr
  14. Backend Web Developer As a backend web developer, you are responsible to maintain and extend the backend of our current and future web applications. The primary project you will contribute to is a feature rich platform which aims to provide various extensions and integrations for Skylords Reborn. As of now, this platform is for internal use only, as the focus currently lies on creating internal moderation tools. However, after the moderation tools reach a satisfactory state, we plan to make this platform public and expand it with features like a new and improved cardbase, lea
  15. Event Organizer As an event organizer, you are responsible to design and organize official events and tournaments from start to finish. This process includes research for new and fun event ideas, design the event and rewards, promote and organize the event and ensure it runs smoothly as a whole. You are to create the media content (like videos or streams) that are expected with events and tournaments, or find a suitable community member for it. Furthermore, you will also be responsible for the communication from and to the community for anything event and tournament related and to guar
  16. Balance Developer As a balance developer, you are responsible to implement design changes to in-game cards using our internal balancing tool. In other words, you are responsible to implement new cards and changes to existing cards. These implementation requests can come from balance updates and content patches from our Faction Designers, but also from the official Skylords Reborn map making team (for example, new bosses for a new map). An integral part of this role is learning our internal balancing tool, as that is the tool that allows us to perform all these changes. You are by no me
  17. Video Editor As a video editor, you are responsible for creating exciting video content for Skylords Reborn. This can range from short card reveal videos to exciting trailers and cutting up Twitch-stream content for highlight videos on our YouTube channel. If you have any experience with audio post-production, you can also help us out with the process of adding new voice-lines and sound effects into the game. Responsibilities • Create short card reveal video's (for example for Social Media). • Create trailers for promotion and announcements of new content. • Create highl
  18. 3D Tool Developer As a 3D tool developer, you are responsible to solve one of our biggest technical challenges that will boost the project to the next level: the ability to modify existing 3D models. We already have an internal tool capable of adding new cards using existing re-textured models, but we have no way to meaningfully modify the geometry, animations and special effects. You will be responsible for researching the way BattleForge represents their 3D models and develop tools and a workflow capable of modifying different aspects of those models. The ultimate goal is to be able
  19. Fullstack Game Developer As a Fullstack game developer, you are both a game server and client developer. This is the most optimal position to help in if you want to significantly contribute to the project, as you will be able to develop independently on any changes game related. Due to the nature of the project, developers usually cannot be frequently available and not having to rely on either a client or server developer can significantly increase the speed at which progression is made. Consider reading Game Server Developer and Game Client Developer staff positions. Respons
  20. Map Developer As a map developer, you are responsible to script new official maps or alter scripts of existing maps as a cause of map balance updates. Skylords Reborn maps are created using the Skylords Reborn map editor, and the scripts are written in LUA. Responsibilities • Script new (campaign) maps • Work together with the Map Artists and Map Designers Desired traits • Experience with the map editor and scripting in Skylords Reborn. Bonus traits • Experience with LUA. • Experience modding in another game.
  21. Map Artist As a map artist, you are responsible to polish the aesthetics of a map. This includes textures the map, add decorations and add different effects and sounds. In other words, you are responsible for making the map look and feel good. Responsibilities • Work with our Map Designers to finalize a map with aesthetics • Add decorations, effects and sounds • Make things pretty without feeling cluttered Desired traits • Basic experience with the BattleForge map editor. • Have creativity and drive to make things look good.
  22. Map Designer As a map designer, you are responsible to design the gameplay experience of a map from start to finish. This includes making a rough proposal for the layout and feeling of a map, design the story and goals of the map etc. Responsibilities • Help create new (campaign) maps • Work together with map artists and map developers • Work together with the lore and voice acting staff Desired traits • Good knowledge about the Skylords Reborn lore. • Able to document map design decisions. • Basic experience with the map editor. Bonus traits • Expe
  23. Game Client Developer As a game client developer, you are responsible to maintain and develop the game client. This mostly includes add new pre-game features (content outside of matches, so no game mechanics) through .pak files used by the game. You will be responsible to create and design in-game interfaces for new features, add networking support for new features that require it, solve bugs etc. using LUA, XML and a bit of Rust if needed. Skylords Reborn uses LUA and XML in their .pak files, which are loaded by the client. Communication with the server happens through a proxy written
  24. Game Server Developer As a game server developer, you are responsible to maintain and develop the game servers. This includes add new features, track and fix bugs, optimize code, improve server monitoring etc. The servers are written in C++17, use Boost.Asio for networking, MySQL as database, Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring etc. Responsibilities • Design an implementation and implement the server side of new features, which includes code, database and/or monitoring changes. • Document bugs found by players. • Improve existing codebase through code refactors, bug solvin
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