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  1. Very offensive name with swear words in it. The admins are well aware of this sky lord but are refusing to address the situation....


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  2. As kiwi said, names don't have to be generally Swear words to be offensive. I find the name Kiwi very offensive due to the fact that I'm a New Zealander and would request for him to change it...

  3. The fact is the Name BIGTITS isn't going against any rules and I am simply implying that I should rightfully get it back due to it not having any swear words or anything like that. There's a guy with legitimate SWEAR words in his name and he gets to keep it, but mine has nothing offensive. 

  4. So my name used to be BigTits but it got changed because its going against community guidelines, But "TITS" isn't even a real word. BUT you got Dj_BlyatMan over here who didn't get his name changed. BLYAT is a Russian SWEAR WORD. AND HE DIDNT GET HIS NAME CHANGED AND ITS A SWEAR WORD. BUT MY NAME GETS CHANGED AND ITS NOT EVEN A REAL WORD?!?!?!?

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