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  1. You mean 500+ cards, don't you? Actually it is way less than that once you remove duplicates because of affinities. @Ponni, Thank you Ponni, I can use all the help I can get to accumulate more Gold for these expensive level 3 Ultra upgrades. This game is super stingy.
  2. Kubik, I am playing strategy games since 2002. From my experience, when a new game comes out, Online games are very busy for 3-6 months and then you have fewer and fewer players. Players move on to the next game within months. So chances are most players won't stick around for a year or two. Therefore there is no reason to worry about them getting all the cards during that time period. Of course, you are welcome to keep adding new cards via existing skins and make them all rare and Ultra.
  3. The real question is - Does Kubik agree.
  4. You must be a better player than me. I played Bf from 2009 to 2013 and I just got back to the game around 6 weeks ago. I can beat Advanced most of the time and Expert is still a challenge for me. Back then I used to beat random PvE level 8. Today I managed to beat level 7 which gave me 2200 gold for 25 minute of game play. So at this rate assuming I play 30 minutes a day, I can upgrade Ultra level 3 once a week. Doesn't sound so easy to me.
  5. No, double for new players and current average for experienced players which I thought is around 7000 considering all the maps. experienced players should continue to gain what they currently gain.
  6. Total reward for all 4 cards can be 6000-7000, half the current maximum.
  7. It's easy for expert players with all the charges and upgrades. Not so easy for new players who start with nothing.
  8. I agree with you that converting BFP to gold at 1:1000 ratio is too much, although no one is going to spend all his BFP on gold since we need new cards too. So 200 gold for 1 BFP sounds reasonable to me, while 1000 gold gives you 1 BFP.
  9. Whatever the average is right now - 6000-7000.
  10. I play one hour average a day. One PvE (usually campaign) and two or more PvP when I can find other players to play with. I get the Booster every day for the 30 minutes gameplay plus one or two more quests a day. I don't complete all quests every day. I play other games too every day such as Company of Heroes and Age of Empires III. One quick fix would be to increase the gold rewards for PvE campaign (standard and Advanced). 400 extra gold for Standard and 1200 for Advanced would help new players like me a lot. So please consider that. Thank you.
  11. Kubik, Did you play Battlforge when it was alive? 2v2 PvP used to have battles between XL units in most games and that is still the case today (when you can find 2v2 PvP). However, when they added the 3v3 PvP later on we started to see epic Era 4 XL battles which were great. Some games lasted 30 minutes. Those were the good all days PvE is boring compared to 3v3 PvP games with era 4 units. If you bring in more players via some advertisement then the PvP glory days of Battleforge will return.
  12. Just to give you guys an idea of what I am dealing with right now. I managed buy FireDancer finally and I used my remaining gold to upgrade to level 1 & 2. So now I am saving for level 3, and in the last 4 days I only accumulated 5000 gold playing one hour average a day and my balance is now 10,000. So now I need 5000 more gold which will probably take 4-5 additional days. I would call this very slow grinding and it is somewhat frustrating. Yesterday when I played with Lebovin on Expert I got 1800 gold (thank you Lebovin), but Expert is not what I normally play because it is too tough for me. And trading eats lots of my gold. In any case, I am just sharing my experience with you.
  13. Kubik, You are right, 1 BFP for every 100 gold is too much. I agree with Ponni, 1 BFP for every 1000 gold is more appropriate considering the fact that some players have so much gold. Let us not forget that players play game mostly for the fun. I realize that Skylords/Battleforge is very addictive when it comes to accumulating cards and upgrades. That contributes to players sticking with the game longer. But the reality is that gamers get bored with games at some point and just move on to the next game. So the fact that experienced players left the game means only that they had enough with the game. that's is normal. I would argue that new players are the ones that are are leaving the game. Most of the players I play with are very experienced players. I used to play Battleforge from day of release in 2009 until closure day in 2013 on a daily basis. I spent around a $1000 on the game buying cards, and I had all the cards, all upgrades, and almost all charges. Back then I used to beat most of the players Online. Now I lose to 90% of them. I am 57 years old so I am not fast as you young kids, but I play decently. So I think the developers should focus on attracting new players in higher numbers so they don't leave the game right away from being frustrated from their repeated PvP losses. So bottom line, converting BFP to Gold will help new players to achieve upgrades they cannot get early on.
  14. I heard some players have so much Gold and they don't know what to do with it. I on the other would love to convert BFP to gold so I can upgrade my Ultra cards to level 3 (15,000 gold). So how about an option to convert BFP to Gold, as well as converting Gold to BFP? I would say that 200 Gold = 1 BFP.
  15. I played with my own deck (you can see it on the attached screen shot). I had Amii Monument in my deck so I can go to the fourth Era without having to conquer the forth monument. Without 4th era units I would have lost the game. I would have no chance with the tutorial deck. Whoever played this map on Expert is a very good player (probably top 5%). Most players cannot do what he did with the tutorial deck.
  16. This expert map was tough for me and it took me more than 30 minutes since I lost the first wagon. Towards the end of the game I ran out of charges and almost didn't make it. I joined the game less than two months ago so my decks are not fully charged. That makes it harder to complete Expert maps. Imagine the frustration if the player plays for 30 minutes only to lose the last wagon because of luck of charges and then earn nothing. That almost happened to me. That is why I think the game needs to be more friendly and more rewarding for new players.
  17. Lebovin, So I watched the first one (treasure fleet) and played it on expert. It was tough (lost my first wagon) but the rest made it. Here is the screen shot.
  18. Then go for it. Try to be generous while doing it. Remember, there are over 550 cards in this game and we don't want to spend the rest of our lives upgrading most of our cards.
  19. Kubik, You made a good point. Perhaps a simpler approach would be to give a fix amount of gold per upgrade (regardless if it is common, or rare and so on) if the player already has that upgrade or if he chooses not to have that upgrade. It could be 400 gold per upgrade for level 1, 1200 for level 2 and then level 3 gives the most as you see fit. If you think that is too much gold then you can adjust it to what you think is right.
  20. Playing only one map is boring. No, I was referring to all maps. All maps should have the same rules for upgrade to gold conversion. IMO, the conversion should give gold amount that is close to the actual gold value of the upgrade. For example level 1 common upgrade that is valued at 125 should be converted to 100 gold (instead of 50), and that rule applies to all maps. That would be my feedback as a player. What are the chances for that to happen?
  21. Sorry, my mistake, I am still learning. But I am sure that level 1 common card was converted to 50 gold. Any reason for that? 100-125 gold is more reasonable IMO.
  22. This is a 2 player game, so I got just two cards. I also noticed that when upgrades are converted to gold (because I already have that upgrade) the amount of gold being rewarded is only one third of the gold cost to upgrade that card (e.g. 50 gold for level 1 common card which is valued at 150). Am I wrong? If so, I would be glad to monitor that and post screen shots for such cases.
  23. What about gold reward for advanced campaign? Is 332 gold reward for Advanced sounds enough to you?
  24. Alright then, so let us say standard should allow us to obtain U2 upgrades. Ultra rare U2 upgrade cost 5000 gold. So 2000-3000 gold reward per game sounds reasonable to me.
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