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  1. I remember the good old Battleforge days. Players were spending hundreds of Dollars (myself included) on buying boosters. Players couldn't have enough of them. Opening boosters was and still is - addictive. Therefore, I like the idea of allowing players to buy one booster per day at a discounted price of 200 BFP. Completing all 3 BFP quests earns exactly 200 BFP, which is exactly enough for the discounted booster. So please think about and implement it quickly if you favor this idea.
  2. I didn't know. Too bad. I am sorry to see you leaving Kubik.
  3. The problem is - I have hard time finding Rank games. I try every day and some days I can't find any games, and my PvP rank keeps dropping because of that. I play after 6 PM Eastern Time (US) and at that time almost nobody plays rank. I managed to get to Rank 10 with PvP but then I dropped to rank 3 because I couldn't find any ranked games for over a week. It seems like most players are in Europe.
  4. I realize that many players enjoy PvE more than PvP. However, there are many players who like PvP more than PvE, myself included. In the Battleforge days there were many Rank and Unrank PvP games to be found, so I would like to see those days again. That is the reason I suggested booster reward for PvP. Players can play PvE on their own, but that is not possible for PvP. Therefore, PvP requires extra incentive, and hopefully more players will learn to enjoy PvP.
  5. One of the downsides of Battleforge/Skylords is that there are so many cards that barely being used. So despite having so many cards, the real number of cards that are available to us is somewhat limited if we compare them to the total number of cards. I understand that balancing cards is tricky and every person has its own opinions. So I would like to suggest a standard and gradual method for balancing cards over time. The never ending objective is get to a point where all cards are being used equally. So the simple answer to achieve that is simply - boost unused cards gradually. For example, let us take Ravenheart. I assume it is not being used often based on its low price at the AH (50-80 BFP) which is low for a rare card. So one way to boost this cards is to move it from era 4 to era 3 while reducing its life points and attack to a reasonable value for era 3. Just pick 5 unused cards a week and give them some kind of boost and then follow your statistics and see the results. Weekly re-balancing will also encourage players to change their decks to fit in cards that got a boost. This will make gameplay more interesting and exciting where players have to adjust their gameplay to the never ending balance changes.
  6. I know the feeling. 4 out of 5 times I get disappointed when I open my daily booster. The reason is that there are only a few cards that are valuable (even among Rare and Ultra) where the rest are not valued as much.
  7. I am not sure what you are trying to say.
  8. Kubik, I am still experiencing zero gold in Unranked PvP games. Can this issue be resolved?
  9. I cannot imagine players play 2 minutes of PvP just for the reward and not for the fun of it. What is the point of having more cards if the player doesn't enjoy playing with them? I believe most players enjoy PvP and play for the fun of it. In any case, the developers can require a 5 minute minimum play time to qualify the game for the quest. They can also require 5 or even 6 Ranked PvP games to satisfy the quest that gives a booster. The developers can even restrict the quest to 2v2 PvP rank games (4 or 5 of them) with 10 minimum game time per each game (to win a booster). I always enjoy playing challenging games but I don't like it when it is too challenging. For that reason I play Advance and Level 7 random.
  10. I don't understand what Ranked PvP got to do with trolling... It's true that the vast majority of players who play Ranked PvP are expert players. However, a booster reward for Ranked PvP will bring in many new players, and then the Ranking match up between players will work much better. Also, Ranked PvP gives a great deal of gold which will benefit new players with their quest of upgrading their cards. I played Battleforge from day one to the very last day (2009-2013) on a daily basis. IMO, PvP is where most of the fun is. PvE is fun at first but then after a while it gets boring and tedious. If we want players to stick with the game longer, then give them PvP quests with booster reward. I cannot beat "Expert" maps. Which maps are easy to beat on Expert?
  11. Because this quest would specifically be for "Dueling Grounds (Ranked PvP)" and NOT for "Sparring Grounds(Unranked PvP)". We already have a general quest for PvP (Ranked and Unranked). However, most people play Unranked, making it hard to play Ranked PvP. Playing Rank PvP is the fastest way to gain rank which allows us to get to rank 10 where we can upgrade our Ultra cards all the way to level 3. As I said in previous thread, I have been playing PvE one hour every day for the past 3 months, and I only managed to get to level 8. I have been playing "Advanced" campaign and level 7 random PvE. I managed to get to level 10 a month ago with Ranked PvP but I lost that rank fast for not being able to find rank games, despite trying every day.
  12. I would like to expand on previous issue I mentioned in this thread: In order to promote Ranked PvP games which are hard to find these days I would like to suggest a new quest: "Play 4 Ranked PvP Games" where the reward is one Booster (instead of 75 BFP). Such quest will bring many players to the Ranked PvP arena and losing PvP rank won't be an issue any more. Is 2v2 PvP ranked available to us? I never tried it so I am not sure if it is an option. That could be a separate quest, but first we need to bring players back to the 1v1 Ranked PvP.
  13. I trade every day, and I know the prices of every card. There are so many Rare and Ultra cards that are so cheap (below 50 BFP). Out of the 520+ cards less than 20 trade above 1500 BFP (not counting promo cards). For example Elder Green trades above 1500 BFP, but Elder Purple is traded around 800 BFP.
  14. Shaman is the most expensive Uncommon. Most uncommon cards trade below 20 BFP. Half of the Rare cards trade below 50 BFP. Boosters are way to expensive now. We should encourage players to buy more boosters by making them cheaper. Opening a booster with hope to get a promo card is always exciting and addictive. So we should have more of that.
  15. Current booster cost is way too high. It doesn't make any sense purchasing a booster. I am sure that your statistics show very few people buying boosters. Average Rare card is below 100 BFP in the AH and Ultra cards are probably worth 250 BFP on average. Common and Uncommon have a 10 BFP average value. Therefore I believe that 200 BFP per booster is a fair price. Your thought?
  16. I have been playing one or two PvE games (campaign and Random) every day for the past 3 months mostly on Advance. Yet, I have only reached level 7 which prevents me from upgrading Ultra cards. This means that leveling up on PvE takes too long. That would work too.
  17. I would like to change this suggestion to a report of an existing issue that needs to be resolved. I must say this issue is very frustrating because it prevents me from upgrading my Ultra cards. Something needs to be done about this.
  18. As you all know, it is very hard to find Rank PvP games at certain times. I try to play Rank PvP every day with long wait times between games. Despite that, in some days I cannot find any games. The best time for me to play is in the evenings after 7 PM Eastern time (US). I don't have much time to play earlier than that. The problem is - my PvP rank drops a lot on days that I am unable to find games. As a result of that I dropped from level 10 to level 3 in a short period of time which is preventing me from upgrading some of my ultra rare cards. Therefore, would suggest slowing the rate of rank decrease for PvP. A 1000 point decrease a day for not playing PvP should be sufficient.
  19. Because I do not know who else is on the team. So who's on the team? and I do I send a request/suggestion to the entire team?
  20. Kubik, I am playing rPvE level 7 game every other day. I only started two months ago after taking a break of 7 years, and I am not young and fast. Yet, I find beating rPvE level 7 fairly easy with various deck color combinations with plenty of time to spare. All I do is use one or two buildings to guard my monument (that is the closest to enemy line) along with couple of era 3 units. That is all that is needed. Then I just continue to spawn era 4 level 4 units once I have 4 monuments. I also use era 3 XL units to help against the last 3 or 4 enemy camps of the map. I like to try different color deck combos that offer different strategies which makes playing the same maps again and again more fun. Some players change their decks all the time and some don't. Those who don't will burn out fast and leave the game. So to keep such players play longer we need to encourage them to play with new color deck combinations. So please, be a "Yes" man instead of a "No" man, and give us some new quests that involve deck color combos requirements with greater rewards.
  21. I can win rPvE level 7 with within 25 minutes (with 5 minutes to spare) with any deck. It just a matter of accumulating enough era 4 XL units for the final assault.
  22. Then set up the color deck requirements to be combos such as Nature/Fire, Fire/Frost and so on. Pure color deck requirements could be part of more challenging quests with extra reward, but that is just an option.
  23. Well, that is already the case today..... I am only proposing to use existing quests with added requirements such as using specific deck color combination to encourage players to play with cards they haven't played with before.
  24. ""10 minutes for PvE, just like it is today, and 7 minutes for PvP" PvE can be completed under 1 minute, did you try rPvE diff 1?" I was referring to winning rPvE level 6 and above, just like today. That should take at least 10 minutes. ""I also think that new, and more involved quests that give a booster as a reward would be more exciting." do you have an idea for quests that will not make gap between skilled players and unskilled players even bigger?" ""Play 4 ..." play not win? so it can be done under 1 minute by skilled player? But it can also take over 8 hours to someone not trying to exploit it?" I meant - "Win". Yes, just take any existing PvE quest (e.g win 2 Campaign maps) and add an additional requirement of playing with different color decks and be specific about it (e.g pure Frost or Nature/fire combo). Then give extra/special reward for such requirement.
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