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  1. Zephmarkz

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    A criticism can be negative and still be extremely valuable. Yes its easy to focus on the negatives, but it can also be very important!
  2. Zephmarkz

    New BFP Earning System: Playtime and Reserves

    Im afraid this is gonna make the entrance to pvp even harder. Imagine having to grind for several months just to get viable units in starcraft, and then if u wanna switch from terran to protos you had to grind for another 3-4 months. Im afraid this is going to hurt the longevity of the game. It is an RTS after all. As a completely new player you won't even know if the deck ur going for is the one that feels good to play for u. And you cant try one out either. Slowing down the progression might be good for people who enjoy the PVE, but it might ruin the game completely for some or allot people who want to get into the pvp again. I never even got to that point before the reset, and i actually have time to play quite allot compared to most people i know. And yes for sure i could play pvp with a shit deck and still earn some BFP and stuff. but will that be fun, loosing to people who have had the time to fully optimize their decks, because they had more time and more free days to play. Also, theres the cardgame component. The boosters is a really addictive but not optimal way of optaining cards. Whats a card game without boosters, the excitement of opening a pack and hoping for that Trox General of Destruction (dual masters refrence). Sure i do enjoy the auction house, but maybe some of the quests should give u boosters, its more tempting to open one once you have one in ur face on the screen. Its easier to avoid opening when u have to use the bfp u earn, when you know you can use it on the spesific card you need. Again, im really afraid slower progression will kill this community. Does it cater more to the hardcore players? yes for sure. But what aboute us casuals, i think most of us won't enjoy this at all. Very concerned with this. Pretty high level... 1,5 years as mentioned above is apparently to fast.. this is unsettling. Put yourself in the working mans shoes. Who just wants to come home and play some pvp... nope, you have to grind for a couple of months before you can do that. Do you think people would like that? Im asking because i want to start a conversation about this, cause this concerns me regarding the games longevity. Not to be offensive. :-) Maybe a dedicated PVP server where you can just play PVE and the progression is getting better. Worked for most RTS games. Maybe make a huge strawpool, see if most people actually want slower progression. If they do, sure go ahead, its super for the game. But if they don't, it will make a serious dent in the amount of people actually playing. Tread super carefully with such a small playerbase, the game is nothing without it. I haven't been active on any forums for years, but this game was my jam when i was a teenager, and i don't want to loose it again. Im trying to set feelings aside and just air my concerns with you. I have noe clue how much the community has been involved and how much you have communicated and listened to them. But i really hope you guys do.

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