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  1. Gwimmlord

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello Id like to help beta test the game My Name is junny and Ive played battleforge from launch till practically when it shut down (even tho then my time playing had diminished due to lack of content) I completed all the maps on hardest difficulty, leveled all the cards to max and even did some of the dual and 4 player maps solo I played PvE almostt exclusively Needless to say I loved the game Time I can spend playing the game would be a lot since I work from home (remote assistance for people having problems with their computers) so I can spend quite some time playing daily I play per day usually between 5-10 hours between the games I play (which right is mainly Warframe, Everspace and Vermintide 2) and battleforge would be one Id be spending quite some time on again. Look forward to hearing from you guys Discord name Gwimmlord#8008
  2. Gwimmlord

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    GG, gluck to errone
  3. Gwimmlord

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello I am Junny from the Netherlands I played this game from closed beta to end I hated PvP but I had all cards and I finished nearly all the maps on expert solo and had decks prepared for everything xD really glad to see that there are a lot of people that are still interested in playing this game and that the community didnt completely die hope to able to play again in recent future! And thanks for even making it a possibility
  4. Gwimmlord

    Guess the screenshot!

    Ogre battle 64!!!! rare to see people who even know this game xD

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