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  1. Hey, I used to play BF a lot but never really got to tough the PVP aspect of the game, this time around though, I'm planning on doing so. I have been watching a lot of old PVP replays on YouTube so by now I understand the basics, but obviously not from a first hand experience. However I'm definitely willing to learn! For now since I don't have my hands on the game yet (obviously) I'd just like some help with deck building, I'm mainly looking towards playing Nature/Frost (aka Stonekin) and Shadow/Frost (aka LS) if a pro would like to take a look at the deck I made and tell me what is good and
  2. I liked Lost Souls in general, definitely in PvP, the only lame thing about it was PVE players just winning by spamming Lost Spirit Ships + 1 Overlord for ground presence, it's just Lame and Boring XD
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