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  1. Wish granted, but you are born as insect with few hours of lifespan. I wish days were longer, so i could sleep longer.
  2. Played for some time on Last stand, but almost everyone have no idea how to play it or play in big groups which kinda breaks point of Last stand, especially with so low dmg and max supplies when fighting 1v3. Even M60 or Antique AK won't help much if you are capped at mere 60 bullets cuz most likely you will use most of it to kill one of them, maybe 2 if they are bad but after that you lack ammo... Not to mention annoying bugs.
  3. Dying light This one will be easy...
  4. Wish granted, but you must use it every hour or you will pay huge penalties. I wish Fallout 4 was not a Skyrim Mod.
  5. Wish granted, forum got attacked by 4chan trolls. I wish that this is last wish.
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