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  1. NAME: Game freezes when attacking group of enemies in Siege of hope (advanced) SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Siege of hope (advanced) in front of first objective REPRODUCIBILITY: 2/2 DESCRIPTION: Happened twice at the exact same spot. When I click on this group of enemies to attack, the game freezes. I'm still connected, sounds work, camera works, animations and timers have stopped. I cannot exit, game has to be closed with task manager. SCREENSHOT: https://imgur.com/giZYxCZ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I only had the chance to test it twice. But it always happened at the exact same spot.
  2. Hey guys I would really like to use the models for the development contest but I have a problem with installing LightSong v0.4. It only gives me the option to exit the setup. Is there maybe an alternative for getting the models?
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