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  1. Great. Thansk guys keep up the good Work!
  2. This took forever and did nothing either. This is so sick Waited to long and now this bullshit error. Do others have the same problem or is this just me? maybe i should reinstall all of battleforge? launcher Game launcher and the game itself???
  3. ye did everything on that topic u sent
  4. The Screenshot Error Says " The Applicatuion can not be started correctly (0xc0000007b). Press ok to close the Application. No idea what to do now I had to Add aFile called "msvcr120.dll" The Game said I lack the data before and It gave me the error message that I need this Dll Data. I got it and then this Error came. Helpppp
  5. Hype :-))) !!!! Kinda worried that I will "no life" in Phase 1 and 2. And then the resett kills me.
  6. Mhh then lets hope it will work like instant haha. And @Markarontos Read the Devplatform pls there is anykind of information we need. The Game is ready 2 download but we miss the launcher which will be released in the time of 19th to 26th this month as it seems.
  7. Got a question guys. When the launcher is released should we just put the Data in the Battleforge Folder and it will start right away by using the launcher or is there more to do?
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