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  1. Ok guys, random PvP player tuning in, trying to focus on balance changes :D. Most of the discussion I read here (and I didn't read all of it) is about speedrunning and I'm gonna say right here, that I have no Idea about that kind of stuff. But I do think, that thinks got kinda personal and I think we should not discuss if speedrunners are the better players or not in this thread. This one is about balance, remember? As a PvP player, for me the biggest balanceproblem is the fact that the two best (fire / shadow) t1s are so much stronger than the other t1s (nature / frost) that barely anybo
  2. I don't know if this got answeared before but I just wanted to ask, if their will ever be any balancechanges. Right now I think it's kind of sad, that only half of the t1s avaiable get actually played and t2 opens up a lot of boring/onesided interactions aswell. I know on EA the players started threads in the Forum (I think it was called watchlist) about op cards and I think something like that would be cool, because everyone could participate in a reasonable discussion.
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