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  1. I'm having this same problem. I've noticed that the forge is always smooth, but the problem seems to start whenever I'm in a match. Also, I've noticed that whenever it freezes it doesn't affect the camera. The timer and the actions in the game freeze, but the camera can still move freely. I'm beginning to think the addition of the timer at the top right that counts up might be causing the problem though I don't know how. Before that timer was implemented, my game ran fine, but now the game and the timer seem to freeze every second or so. Of course there could be a number of things that might be causing this problem, but for some reason the timer at the top right stands out to me. If only there was an option to turn it off just to see if anything changes.
  2. United States. I guess Battleforge is/was big in Germany.
  3. I've been playing a lot of Battle for Middle Earth 2 because it's the closest I can get to Battleforge right now.
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