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  1. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    resizing from big format to a small logo will not make it losing sharpness...what u mean is resizing from small to big. And what u r saying about the dpi is not correct. Dpi is a value for printing and has nothing to do with the digital picture ...what u mean is ppi pixels per inch...and the ppi value alone would not change the size of a picture...only the the dimensions (length x height) or the resolution (total pixels in lenght x height) plus the ppi does change the size of a picture...so u always need 3 of those values to change the actuall size of a digital picture. e.g. u can have a 1inch(or cm) x 1inch(or cm) picture with either 100 or 1000ppi and u can also have a 1000inch x 1000inch picture with 100 or 1000ppi or even a 1000inch x 1000inch with only 1ppi. what makes the picture sharp is the right compination out of those 3 values, therefore what makes a digital picture smaller or bigger is only the resolution or the dimensions itself. the ppi vallue can or most of the time will stay the same...even if u would not need 300 ppi in a 1inch x 1inch picture to make it look sharp because thats pretty much the size of a desktop icon ^^ another quick example is your monitor lets say it has ~24 inch(60 cm) in length with total pixel of 1920 at that side...that makes it 80 pixels per inch (80 ppi) and i would say that monitor is really sharp. so if you do a logo the size of this monitor and with a ppi value of 300 it should be more than enough for all the porposes we need it for...as you would never need a larger logo as the monitor is and even then u would only need a 80 ppi logo to let it appear sharp so its nearly 4 times as much as u need minimum. Maybe that helps some of the other guys too
  2. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    I bet the original BF Logo wasn't a vector graphic neither...because you cant transfer each and every illustration into a vector graphic...that would guarantee best res in each and every size but would be hard to manage for, I bet the most of the guys...and most of the design ideas as well
  3. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    i will make a variety in another topic, have to many ideas need a "prevoting" ^^
  4. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    had pretty much the same idea
  5. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    should be part of the rules tho? "The logo must contain both words 'Skylords Reborn' in this order" there is already one participant who only used Skylords...which in my opinion sounds so much cooler... its the same story as it was with "the facebook"
  6. Tobbezeichnet

    Contest: New Logo

    Nice, was waiting for that. Just a quick question...has it to be "Skylords Reborn"...or are alternate versions also allowed...I was first thinking of just "Skylords"...but after a quick research i found another game called "Skylords" already?
  7. Tobbezeichnet

    Update: Logo Removal

    would like the title "Skyforge" as well. To have at least something of the last title in it

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