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  1. Cadê os brasileiros no jogo, não acho nenhum Where are the Brazilians in the game, I don't think any
  2. Eu não acho um Brasileiro nesse jogo pqp. Se souber se algum discord que a galera se reuna para jogar fala ai ou se quiser jogar tambem é só falar. Comecei a jogar tem uns 4 dias, jogava na época da EA, mas não lembro de quase nada. I don't think a Brazilian in this game. If you know if any disagreement that the crowd gathers to play, speak there or if you want to play too, just talk. I started playing about 4 days ago, I was playing at EA time, but I don't remember almost anything.
  3. Thanks. That deck with 2 grinder cards, doesn't it work anymore?
  4. Could you set up the meta deck for me on this link for pve difficulty 5 to 10?
  5. you put several LSS + The incredible hand, wheel of gift and only the LSS attacks with everything
  6. how does that deck that has 2 lost spirit ship?
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