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  1. All things considered, you're all doing an amazing jobs, and a couple of weeks or months more wont matter! It is nice for you to take us all into consideration, but you really do not owe us anything.

    SneakyEdit: No matter what happens, we're all extremely glad for your progress and to have been close just makes us all more hype. A small setback is nothing compared to the potential joy you will be bringing thousands of people when their childhood goes back online. If it flops or fails? Who cares, what've all build is truly something extraordinary.


  2. 8 hours ago, Phoenix313 said:

    Yes, it shouldnt be a problem.


    Maybe turning off / on off some settings in the game could help. Also it could help to turn on / off settings in the graphics control panel. Especially Anti-Aliasing, some Optimizations, SSAO, VSync (or other syncs), Multi Threaded Optimization and such things can cause problems for some games and with some drivers, too. Even if I doubt that the mentioned settings cause this error.

    Another possibility could be to switch the renderer from directx to opengl, because most blizzard games have both renderers. The standard renderer is directx on windows. But my experience is that the open gl drivers on windows systems usually somewhat buggy (for example memory leaks and such).


    Have you installed the drivers from Asus or those from NVidia? If not already done, try to install those directly from NVidia, they are usually more actual.

    I have installed the drivers directly through NVIDIA not through any disc or anything. I have tried settings in game and yes SSAO helped a bit. I have not tried the other settings you mentioned I might try it tomorrow, I took contact to the place I purchased the graphics from to see if it would go under warranty.

  3. 18 minutes ago, MrXLink said:

    To me this doesn't look as much like a general graphics driver problem, more like a DirectX problem. Apparently dxdiag doesn't give you any problems but I'd consider reinstalling your DirectX 12 driver (rather than just your graphics card's driver). 


    Im a rather basic gamer :P

  4. 3 minutes ago, Plasi said:

    First thing you should do:


    press windows logo + r, a new window should open

    type "dxdiag", press enter, a new window should open

    if this is the first time you start dxdiag, press yes

    let dxdiag acquire its data

    click on display tab

    check at the bottom, wether a mistake was found or not


    When a mistake is found you should contact your graphics card producer.

    No mistake found :P

  5. Recently while playing Diablo 3 my PC/Game crashed. It kept happening everytime I reopened it. I then reinstalled it and now I could actually play it.

    But I have this "small" issue. That is almost giving me epilepsy....

    This is just an example in League. Its a little bit less In diablo 3 so Im showing it in league instead. This happens in ALL my games. But the "lines" only come from some textures I suspect the shadows?

    But disabling shadows and other setting do not helped.

    Things I have tried already.

    1. Update to newest graphic driver.

    2. Remove ^^ Driver and clean.

    3. Install newest possible driver for my ASUS ROG 1060 STRIX again!

    4. Install without GeForce Experience to avoid Shadow play and overlay.

    Reinstall Diablo 3. That did not help.

    Tested all settings in both games. Also happens in Overwatch, also tested settings.

    My specs are as follows:


    i5 4670 k. 3.5 ghz?

    16 GB RAM.

    1 TB + 240 GB SSD.
    Everything except graphics card (which is 1 month old.) is 2 years old.

    Help is appreciated.

    EDIT 1: I did all I could and googled everywhere. But there are so many different issues. It could be Windows 7, Corrupt drivers. Corrupt files. Damage to specs.. IDK


  6. Looks like a cool little project. I hope you have success with this, while youre developing you might want to look for investors or some people that could publish it for you. Just my opinion of course.

    Although I have no idea what any of the coding means other than some of the basics, I should really get off my lazy ass and start learning to program shouldnt I?...

  7. I mean, of course the result shouldnt be that if we all receive 5 boosters on launch, that 5% get a promo. Thats not what should happen, but promos are great and something a lot of people couldnt afford in the old game because they were expensive as ****. But it should be something one might achieve. I mean its an achievement if i must say so to receive a card with a new look, with a bit of an exclusive touch.


    I do think though that maybe? Promos should be unavailable in the beginning, because they add so much value if you get one early. Nothing will be balanced if anyone has a fourth upgraded card in the first week.

    Although I myself would love the promo Harvester from my dreams :hype:

  8. Faking the Potato memes. Cause Watermelon is lord. Is life.


    Favourite is still The Last Watermelonbender!


    Anime and melon combined?!?!

    Credit to Bio for the great idea.

  9.  As I mentioned earlier if the system is rewarding enough multi-accounting won't feel forced to compete at the higher leagues. Although im mostly looking to casual play the game and such personally

    9 hours ago, PlainVenom said:

    If the system is rewarding enough multi-accounting won't be necessary and people won't feel forced to do it.


    1 hour ago, RadicalX said:

    @PlainVenom As long as we get a good reward system multiaccounting won't be a problem!

    And as u mentioned yourself aswell, as long as the system is good enough Multi-accounting won't happend, and most people won't do it either since they don't want the people to be a  grind



  10. Can I just put in this?

    Theres always gonna be multiple accounting in a game where you can transfer ingame currency to one account. That said if people have that much time on their hands they will do it hands down no matter what since they want to be the best.

    On the other hand how ever I dont think we can remove multi-accounting, unless a solution to the problem is figured out, I guess what im trying to say is that it can be avoided and my take on it is below.

    But what about a one time finishing PvE missions bonus BFP that would encourage for completing the PvE missions and will give good bonus's in the begining. If the system is rewarding enough multi-accounting won't be necessary and people won't feel forced to do it.

    On 31/8/2015 at 1:31 AM, indubitablement said:

    The pro would be:

    Multi accounting isn't a viable way to earn BFP.

    The problem is Multi-accounting will always be a viable way to gain more BFP, even if you encourage the people to play PvP and give them rewards having two accounts with daily quests or daily rewards will be a way to earn bonus's since you get double the amount of quests, quests are bonus BFP the way I understand.

  11. As Mental Omega said this card had very little use, since (in my opinion) Bandit wasnt viable in PvE it really didnt play apart of any decks.

    Cool card indeed, but with very little use there is no reason it should exist. Maybe at some point when the game is released we can get to balancing. Cause I would be happy to see a lot of cards get their use. Would happily donate to have more cards balanced and more progress done, but that is until later.

    Was bandits ever really viable either in the PvE or PvP meta? Cause I cant seem to find a use for them.

  12. This would be extremely cool since, noone has cards. everyone have the same cards, unless some people buy one booster and get 8 insane cards :) i was thinking maybe some competition with comunity crunch kinda, or PvE do a specific map as quick as possible. Some kind of contest about fanart aswell :)? would be really nice to look at some cruchy stuff

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