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  1. Hello , Here are some sugestions for achievements: -create a nature/shadow/frost/XXX deck -create a nature/shadow/frost/XXX deck with lvl 10 or above -create a nature/shadow/frost/XXX deck with lvl XX or above
  2. Hello , Some sugestions for future economy: 1.Implement that 2bfp card 'pack' for common/uncommon cards. 2.Make rare/ultra rare cards harder to obtain.Soultion fot this is to change daily quest from 1 bootser to 25bfp, and the other ones to 2-5 bfp. 3.Make easyer to get upgrades and harder to get cards.(so we can be quiet strong without rare ultra rare cards).Solution for this poit is to implement gold rewards too, for daily quests and achievments. 4.Create more achievments with gold/bfp/booster rewards.Examples: -create a nature/xx deck -create a nature/xx
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