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  1. SERVER: Kubik's server
    NAME: Unit models dissapearing
    SEVERITY: 2, It is pretty annoying and game breaking but can be avoided if you know how to.
    REPROCUBILITY: I can reproduce it, need others to test if they can aswell
    DESCRIPTION: When I start the game up windowed, everything works fine untill I try to full screen using alt + enter,  all the unit models dissapear of screen, I am still able to move them and you can see the HP bar, green/red circles and the shadows. I'm assuming this is because an old game like this isn't used to a full screen hotkey and it requires the game to be restarted to full screen via options.

    SCREENSHOT: Not able to screenshot in full screen

  2. This is a great idea, however wouldn't this remove the urge to collect cards and make a deck out of them? 

    Why spent so much effort getting a 120 deck if you could have a random one each 2 weeks? Ofcourse you won't be able to pick them yourself but I can see people not wanting to bother create their own 120 deck if they can get a 120.

    Therefore I would suggest making it like a 100 deck so you'll benefit more for making your own 120 deck.
    Nontheless a great idea

    Edit: Or you have to rent them thats also an option, this way you would save BFP by making your own deck in the long run

  3. On 15-3-2017 at 6:14 PM, Eddio said:

    Well they are not that exclusive, they are now a normal part of the game and anyone with the DLC can play them. And I don't think you have to worry about anything @shadowxxs77 since you are probably the best player here :P 

    Tbh I doubt that, I'm almost certain I will lose most 1v1's vs you and with the amount of time I've seen anonyme play I'm sure he has a big shot at winning aswell

  4. 18 hours ago, Eddio said:

    I guess the map will be random. But what size will it be?

    Why ban Chinese I don't think they are more OP than Atlantean? And if you really think they are better, than only ban Nű Wa since the other two are certainly worse.

    And what gamemode just Supremacy or conquest, lightning etc. ?

    I'll join if I have time :)  (which I sadly doubt ._. )

    Its not that they are OP, its that they are exclusive, I personally only played versus them once or twice and have know idea what they're capable of

  5. 1. Hunter x Hunter
    2. Mob psycho
    3. One punch man 
    Madhouse all the way! :D

    On 18-6-2016 at 0:21 PM, Ilsyde said:

    SAO is one of my all time favourites. Code Geass is another good pick with Fate Zero and Fairy Tail.
    I can't stand AOT, Death Note or FMA but that's probably due to my age and standards. Would've liked them 10 years ago.

    Looking at your list, I'm sure you'd also enjoy Magi. Give it a go!

    You just triggered me, you got a new nemesis! :jorne:

  6. Since everyone was being depressed yesterday and were talking about their empty lives :P
    I decided why not make a topic where everyone posts one of their shitty moments
    Let me start of with mine:
    When you put your cereal in a bowl and discover you don't have milk :'(

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